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Lots of people still argue the very existence of a wristwatch. What with the digital variety available in your smartphones already. But for watch lovers, the best way to settle that debate is to see who can tell the time quickest. Personally, we find that a quick flick of your wrist is still a lot quicker than fumbling for that phone in your pocket. And when the dial is as clear as the one on the Steinhart Military 42 Black, then telling time is an even swifter affair. Inspired by the clocks in your typical radio station back in WWII, this fantastic timepiece features large numbers on the dials, with all digits present. This is only broken on the 6 o’clock position because in its place is a subdial for the small seconds. The snake hands offer a nice twist to a familiar sight. The ‘head’ points to the hours, to lessen the confusion. These hands and the numbers are also visible in low-light situations, thanks to the SuperLuminova coating Steinhart has applied on them. Flip the watch over and you’ll reveal the Unitas Swiss-made 6498-1 mechanical movement with a 50-hour power reserve. And in case you’re wondering, the ’42’ on the model name denotes the width of the dial which is 42mm. Wrapping it all up are the 22mm Russian leather straps in vintage brown. ~$447.

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