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It’s very easy to indulge yourself and overeat during the Holiday season. Christmas may be over but the celebrations surely aren’t. Remember, there’s still the New Year’s Eve celebrations and that could entail more eating and more drinking. Now might not be the right time to think about exercising but that could be fatal, literally. Go out and exercise, but watch your heart rate in the process. The Suunto Quest lets you do just that. Loaded with a class-leading heart monitor, the Quest offers real-time information and can be customized according to your sport or exercise regiment. The LCD screen is also programmable to make sure that you’re looking at only the information that matters to you. Housed in a large, 42mm case, the Quest is wrapped by a 22mm-wide rubber strap for comfort. Now get off the couch, put down the eggnog and exercise for your heart’s sake. $200.

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