TAC-15 Crossbow: Ready For Your Next Trophy Hunt

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Got a spare AR-15 rifle lying around, gathering dust? Why not detach the lower receiver and snap on this TAC-15 Crossbow from Precision Shooting Equipment. Yes, your ArmaLite mutates into a crossbow in seconds, for moments when ammo is hard to come by or when you feel like shooting game with a really fast arrow. The 16 and 3/4 inch wide bow lets arrows fly at up to 412 feet per second, with the same accuracy as you’d get from the AR-15. Those who have arthritic hands need not worry about operating the bow since it comes with a leverage crank. Almost noiseless and really compact, it’s perfect for hunting deer and other wildlife or the human-swine crossbreed that may or may not exist already. $1,300.

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