Angela Munhoz

What would you do if suddenly, your guardian angel manifests herself to you, looking like Angela Munhoz? We’re fairly certain that you wouldn’t mind the threat of the pains of hell. You could be committing every sin regarding adultery imaginable right now, just by staring […]

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Zuria Vega

Her name might be one of the last to be called in school, but Zuria Vega just climbed to the top of our list of hot Mexicans. She’s an actress and a musician, but also lends her good looks to modeling shoots, including the new […]

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Sofia Vergara

Just how many Christmases has Sofia Vergara seen in her life? The answer is, who cares? Because for babes in Sofia’s caliber, it’s festivities all year round. The woman doesn’t seem to age one bit, and she’s actually getting hotter as time goes on. Of […]

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Eiza Gonzalez

Can you imagine Christmas carols being sung to you by somebody as hot as Eiza Gonzalez? That would certainly be merry. GQ Mexico’s cover girl for their November 2013 issue has some great pipes about her, but she also dabbles in modeling and acting. And […]

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Emily Ratajkowski

Naughty the whole year, that’s what we’ll be saying to Santa and it’s all because of Emily Ratajkowski. The year 2013 has been a particularly successful one for this former Nickelodeon star. First, she rose to the stratosphere, thanks to that Robin Thicke music video. […]

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Erendira Ibarra

Pop quiz: what’s the eighth commandment? Before consulting Mr. Google there, maybe we can ask Erendira Ibarra. The Mexican superstar was cast in a telenovela called, well, ‘The Eighth Commandment’ or ‘El Octavio Mandamiento’ back in 2011. While the telenovela-viewing public has been aware of […]

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Scarlett Johansson

Who doesn’t wanna be controlled by Scarlett Johansson? Apparently, that’s a bad thing but I beg to differ. What if she wants to control the action in the bedroom? Surely that’s a pass. Of course, men should set their limits too but when we’re talking […]

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Cristina Hurtado

A mid-week angel ought to do everybody some good. As usual, Colombia provides the charm with Cristina Hurtado. Another product of a reality show, Cristina is different because she looks absolutely beautiful and she has the smarts to back up that beauty. Unfortunately, the same […]

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Angelis Borges

Start the week right with an angel from Brazil. We might all be jaded from all the crap that comes out of reality TV but every once in a while, we’re treated with gems like Angelis Borges. She was once part of some Brazilian reality […]

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Raquel Balencia

Beirut, Lebanon must be the last place you’d expect to find the next Top International Model, but that’s where Raquel Balencia got her start. The Spanish siren was born in San Sebastian who started working as a model in her early teens. But her international […]

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