Luciana Salazar

If you’re searching for some smoking hot girls who are 100% perfect in all angles, then look no further because we’re going to serve you one of the best babes from Argentina. Being featured in various men’s magazine such as “Hombre” and appearing in tons […]

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Emilia Claudeville

The rainforest has a million and one ways to kill us dead but there are lots of reasons why we should protect it. Emilia Claudeville thinks so too and she’s giving us one of the best reasons to save said areas of the world. Without […]

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Carola del Bianco

Losing her curves is the least of Carola del Bianco’s worries. The Argentine supermodel will fulfill her duties as a woman and give life to another human being, even if she turns into a balloon during her pregnancy. After all, there’s nothing more satisfactory for […]

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Daniela Urzi

Argentina’s air must be really magical as some of the hottest females, that the world has seen, originated from there. The list would be long and distinguished if we’re to enumerate them all. But let’s add one more hottie to the roster in the person […]

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Silvina Escudero

What’s better than a talented and beautiful model/stage actress from Argentina? Two models/stage actresses! And make those two related – sisters in fact. Just like Playboy hottie Silvina Escudero. She and her equally hot sister Vanina are in Mar del Plata and Dazzling. Sadly, those […]

Liz Solari

Argentina’s harvest just got better when Liz Solari moved to that country. Just like her name, this hottie brings the heat of the sun wherever she may be. This light blond beauty was born in Colombia but decided to stay in Rosario, Argentina instead. She’s […]

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Melina Pitra

Another one of those hot Argentinian models who are especially fond of football players. But this time, there’ll be no reference to that song that’s been so over-used with reference to Argentina. Melina Pitra is a full-time model who also considers the football pitch to […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Jesica Cirio

Jesica Cirio has a lot to work with. The Argentinean beauty is the host of Kubik, a TV program in Argentina. She’s also been in the Argentinean version of Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice. I’m sure every viewer was focusing on her […]

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Dominique Pestana

Isn’t she a hot little darling? Aside from being a hot Argetinean lingerie model, it seems that nothing is really known about Dominique. Too bad, people are just after her hot body. More of her oozing loveliness below.

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