Rocio Guirao Diaz

It’s always a great idea to start a new day with something positive. And nothing will ever get us more excited and more fulfilled than a babe as lovely as Rocio Guirao Diaz. We’ve seen her plenty of times before, but I’m sure none of […]

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Maky Soler

One magazine that keeps surprising us with its top-caliber models. We’re talking about H para Hombre magazine and it seems that their well of beautiful Latinas is deep. They’ve managed to get Maky Soler to pose for them in their October 2010 issue. Maky has […]

Yamila Diaz

She’s a mix of two of the world’s most beautiful races – Spanish and Lebanese. Yamila Diaz was born in Argentina to health professionals. Her father was a doctor and her mom was a nurse. Yamila studied Economics in Buenos Aires where she got discovered […]

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Yesica Toscanini

You might recognize Argentinean Model Yesica Toscanini from her appearance in Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Do You Know video’, or you may remember her from one of our earlier posts. Yesica is a Sport’s Illustrated Model and spends most of her time posing for shoots in her […]

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Evangelina Anderson

Evangelina Anderson is a hot lingerie model from Argentina. There are very few blonde Latinas but boy when you find one, it’s a good day. Evangelina is long, lean and has curves in all the right places. What a babe, she kinda reminds me of […]

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Florencia Salvioni

Before you get stifled by that awful morning breath, let’s inject some beautiful air courtesy of our hottie from Buenos Aires. Florencia Salvioni is another one of our extremely fresh and exciting females from Argentina and they never really let us down. Her family name […]

Ursula Vargues

There isn’t a whole lot that we really need to say about Ursula Vargues, because we know that as soon as you see the pictures that are featured on this page you aren’t going to be reading any of these words anyways. Just enjoy the […]

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Silvina & Vanina Escudero

Silvina & Vanina Escudero are two ridiculously hot Argentinean sisters. We aren’t technically sure on what the laws in Argentina say, but we know that there is no way we could turn down both of these girls at once just because they are related to […]

Pamela Sosa

Pamela Sosa is a real hottie from Argentina that looks great covered in sudsy bubbles. We frequently pass by bikini car washes on the side of the road but have yet to come across a girl working there as hot as Pamela. One day, one […]

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Jessica Cirio

Jessica Cirio is such a hottie that this is her third appearance on Plunder Guide. Normally we don’t like to give any one girl too much attention, but when a girl grabs your attention like Jessica did to ours, you just can’t help it.

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