Yuki Asakura

There’s no doubt that most of the gravure idols are young-looking. Take Yuki Asakura for example. She’s no longer a teen, although she looks like one. In fact, this Akita native is already 26 years old, and she’s more than ready to strike a daring […]

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Ai Shinozaki

In the world of modeling having good looks, a well-proportioned body and oozing personality are important. But loving and enjoying your work is also a must. Take for example, this gravure idol from Tokyo – no matter what pose she does, it seems like she’s […]

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Anri Sugihara

Three years now and this is just the third post for Anri Sugihara. It doesn’t take a genius to know just how attractive she really is. No need to point the obvious and look like a moron since we all could see just how glorious […]

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Ayaka Sayama

Japan has given us nothing but joy in recent history. That’s right, that includes the weird pr0n churning out from that place because some people do get turned on by that. We’re not here to judge any of them, but we’re making your lives a […]

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Danielle Wang

In love, everybody becomes a poet. The author of that quote escapes me until now. What I do know is that seeing Danielle Wang (Wang Li Dan) will inspire you to become a writer; poetry or prose alike. We haven’t featured a lot of Mongolian […]

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Jiang Yi Han

When it comes to models with a simple yet sexy look, you could include Jiang Yi Han, also known by her english name Phoebe Jiang, to your top list. She’s a half Chinese and half Korean model, actress and singer. Her cute face, curvaceous body […]

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CJ Gibson

Someone who’s comfortable in her skin, proud to be herself and do her own thing, that’s the kind of girl CJ Gibson is. With such bodacious body and good personality, there’s no doubt why she made it this far. She started from swimsuit modeling, and […]

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Debbie Sath

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Sath? I can’t think of any, but it reminds me of the word sit, which is probably the right thing to do if you want to satisfy your eyes with beautiful […]

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Shizuka Nakamura

Her last name may be on the list of the top 10 most common names in Japan, but if you’ll judge Shizuka Nakamura by her looks, then it’s a different story. This Kyoto native has a unique look and captivating sweet smile. Not just that, […]

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Nozomi Sasaki

In choosing a place for vacation or simply for a visit, the things we consider are the delicious food, relaxing ambiance and beautiful tourist spots. Obviously, Japan is one of the best choices, and once you get there, you simply can’t ignore their beautiful and […]

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