Angela Petts

When lifeguards shoo people away from a chick, you can bet that she’ll be smoking hot. That actually happened to Angela Petts. While walking topless on a Queensland beach, she was asked by the lifeguards to put her top back on, because she was attracting […]

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Alex Elliot

Two male first names combine into one smokin’ hot female. Alex Elliot was born in New Zealand but she holds an Australian passport. I don’t know any treaties between the two nations nor their citizenship laws. But what I do know is that Australia and […]

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Tasha Collins

Dreams do come true for those willing to pay the price and to sacrifice. Natasha Collins, aka Tash or Tasha, shouldn’t have struggled in the modeling industry on account of her beauty and body. But like all models, things started rough until she won Zoo’s […]

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Tahyna Tozzi

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what if the diamond is the girl? That’s the special mutant powers of Emma Frost in the X-Men. She can turn her skin into diamond and Tahyna Tozzi played the young Emma in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. […]

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Nicky Whelan

In the modeling industry, women don’t need much to be admired by men. What they need is pure confidence and an irresistible sex appeal just like Nicky Whelan. Being featured in tons of men’s and fitness magazines like FHM, Raplh and Inside Sport, Nicky never […]

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Claire Fricke

Valentine’s Day got you seeing red? Here’s a reprieve from your predicament. Aussie model Claire Fricke can surely stop you from freaking out with all the Hallmark-inspired cheesiness that’s linked to this holiday of sorts. She’s wearing Wacoal Lingerie here and there’s absolutely nothing cheesy […]

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Jessica Bratich

We’ve all heard of football, basketball or hockey WAGs, but cricket WAGs? Yes, those cricketers have hot babes themselves like Jessica Bratich here. The Aussie is linked to Mitchell Johnson, who we assume, is big in the sport. But don’t make fun of cricket or […]

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Berenger Rose

We love spending our summer on the beach not only to swim, sunbathe or simply to have fun in the sand, but also to satisfy our eyes with dozens of girls wearing almost nothing. Especially with the likes of Berenger Rose. She’s just too hot […]

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Amanda Hinchcliffe

I bet the moment you’ve set your eyes on this hottie, you felt the need and the urge to stroke her smoking hot body. This babe is none other than Amanda Hinchcliffe. She’s an international model with very expressive eyes and tempting smiles. Her face […]

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Holly Valance

How hard is it not to fall in love with Holly Valance? That’s just one of the questions that was asked to Kevin Connolly’s character in an episode of Entourage. Holly played a perfect 10 model who’s out to drown E’s blues away. And what […]

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