Nathalie Kelley

By now, you must be tired of the Fast and the Furious franchise. One thing you won’t get tired of, however, are the producers’ choice for leading ladies, including Nathalie Kelley right here. She’s a Peruvian-born Australian who played Neela in Fast and the Furious: […]

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Catherine McNeil

Female models have to start at an early age if they want their modeling careers to take off and flourish. Aussie Catherine McNeil took the same road and began wowing the crowd when she was just 14. And things just went on the up and […]

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Amy Taylor

At the age of 17, Amy Taylor was one of the girls selected for Australia’s national football team, the Matildas. However, after she suffered a lot of injuries, she stopped playing and started a new career. She currently appears as the face of Mako sunglasses […]

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Jodi Gordon

There’s not one bit of good you’ll ever get by doing drugs. Yes, you could get high but the eventual crash is really painful. It could only put you under a heap of trouble and it almost cost Aussie model Jodi Gordon her career. She […]

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Marta Dabrowski

Want a tan but hate the sun? Marta Dabrowski’s the gal for you. She runs a small spray tanning service in New South Wales, Australia so if you’re in that corner of the world, then go give her a visit. Of course, you can always […]

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Alyssa Sutherland

South of the equator lies some of the hottest babes known on the planet. For instance: Brazil, South Africa and Venezuela are all on the Southern Hemisphere and they have produced some of the world’s cutest females. Let’s not forget Australia, where Alyssa Sutherland hails […]

Holly McGuire

Holly McGuire is an English/Australian fashion model. She was born in England and then moved to Australia where she began to break into the world of entertainment. She has done it all: acting, singing (in a pop group called “Tantalize”) and now showing off her […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Hayley Pascoe

Today we are checking out the super hot Aussie Swimwear model Hayley Pascoe. She is a country girl from Albury, and a total beach babe. Haley has been featured in Ralph magazine and even won Australian Swimsuit model of the year.

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Holly Brisley

Holly Brisley No need to remove any masks here, Holly Brisley is as good as it gets. This Australian TV star is slowly migrating into the big screen and you may have seen her in the movie version of Scooby Doo. But her true shining […]

Imogen Bailey

Imogen Bailey Imogen Bailey has posed nude for Black+White magazine. Her personal belief about nudity being expressed by the following words, “I believe that the human form is a wonderful creation. Any nudity that I have chosen to do has always been beautiful and tasteful”. […]

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