Caite Upton

Caite is one of the amazing girls on the Amazing Race 16 show. She won 3rd place at the said reality game show. She’s a born winner and she’s won a lot of beauty contests. Her angelic face and smoking hot body are her main […]

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Stephy C

Steph looks innocent and shy but don’t be fooled coz’ she is a sly girl. She is a full time model with dozens of magazine features under her belt. She’s a jet setter who loves to travel around the world for some more shoots. Steph […]

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Sheena Lee

Sheena Lee’s got all the curves to make every man salivate. This sexy babe has Filipino, Chinese, German and Irish blood running through her veins. She has been the Cyber Girl on way back in 2006. She also appeared as a model for Shirley’s […]

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Elizabeth Marxs

Elizabeth Marxs will surely mark a spot on every man’s wildest fantasies. This gorgeous lady blessed with great lady humps knows how to tease. She flatters men with sweet yet smart words. She loves to model and show off her God-given assets. Elizabeth’s talents include […]

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Cynthia Harmon

California girls are so damn hot just like this gorgeous blonde Cynthia Harmon. She’s a farm girl turned beach bum when she changed her course in life. She models teeny weeny bikinis for Vata Brasil and BodyRock. She brightens every man’s day with her pretty […]

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Christina Koletsa

It’s been a long time since we heard from this drop-dead-gorgeous babe. To freshen things up, she is Christina Koletsa, a Greek Singer whose stardom started on a Greek TV Show called Fame Story. The TV show is similar to Big Brother and American Idol. […]

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Kaitlyn Portsmouth

This hottie will surely leave your mouth gaping. Kaitlyn is one fine lady with an oozing sex appeal. She’s a self confessed dog lover and he enjoys being licked by her dogs during their play time. Kaitlyn loves adventure, especially in bed. She’s not the […]

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Beatrice Chirita

Beatrice Chirita is Romania’s Salma Hayek. She’s a sexy babe who’s pretty known around the world. Her modeling career catapulted her to success. She posed for some of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Bea also posed for men’s magazine like Maxim.

Jarah Mariano

Hawaii is like heaven on earth and so is this sexy girl named Jarah Mariano. She’s got an amazing body which goes well with any swim wear. She has been modeling for Armani, Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. Jarah’s got Asian roots that’s why she […]

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Johanna Lundback

Have you ever seen such an alluring babe that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Well, I’ve seen mine and her name is Johanna. She’s one of the prettiest ladies from Sweden. When I see her face, I just can’t get […]

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