Amy Willerton

Feeling cold and blue this time of the year? In case you’re still feeling the bitter cold, let Amy Willerton warm you up in a hurry. Great Britain’s representative to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is showing that you don’t have to be crowned in […]

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Melody Mir

You really have to admire the motivation for swimwear designers who incorporate all the weird stuff that aren’t normally found on swimming attire. Victoria’s Secret is a known purveyor of crazy expensive swimsuits with gems and all. A select handful of VS Angles have showcased […]

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Angela Martini

It’s been a while since we’ve been visited by this fabulous angel from Albania. Angela Martini represented her nation at one point at the Miss Universe pageant and she opened the year 2010 for us in style. She’s back now and she’s brought her sexiness […]

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Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Triskaidekaphobia would be far from the consciousness of Lee-Ann Liebenberg. That’s because the number 13 is nothing but good luck for her. She has won a total of 13 ‘Sexiest Woman’ titles throughout her career and that’s definitely not a bad thing. And she’s back […]

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Katya Sanchez

Returning to our ports with another batch of supremely excellent and fabulously sexy photos is Katya Sanchez. The former Miss Bath has the modeling world looking more and more her way and for good reason too. FHM South Africa knows it and she’s in the […]

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Anastagia Pierre

She’s so hot, she represented two nations at different beauty pageants. And one of those is the US of A. Anastagia Pierre is a Haitian-Bahamian beauty born in the United States who’s currently blazing the Southern scene. Florida may have been cast in bad light […]

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Melita Fabecic

She’ll be representing Croatia at the Miss Universe Pageant but Melita Fabecic might be channeling her inner Brazilian. It’s Adriana Lima specifically. People are mentioning the uncanny resemblance and as far as the pageant goes, it could go either way. She may be taking flak […]

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Micaela Orsi

If and when you decide to watch the Miss Universe pageant (maybe you were bored and wanted to see world-class beauty queens), don’t change channels too quickly when the candidates are introduced. Miss Uruguay Micaela Orsi might be one of the last beauties to be […]

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Erin Brady

Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady is not just beauty and brains. That combo is not that uncommon anymore. What separates Erin from her peers is her incredible heart. By that we mean her determination to overcome whatever challenge life poses at her. Her parents divorced […]

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Melinda Bam

The thing with beauty queens is that they’re expected to be perfect all of the time. Sure, some may have their failings, but most of them do try their best. Beauty queens like Melinda Bam, who represented South Africa in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. […]

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