Irina Shayk

For many of us, being stuck in a train for three straight days is like a prison sentence. But for Irina Shayk (also Sheik), it’s the road to glory. Born Irina Shaykhlislamova – yeah, good luck pronouncing that, she was on her way to Moscow […]

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Ali Sonoma

She was once the beauty among the battling beasts of the UFC Octagon. Ali Sonoma from St. Louis, Missiouri used to light up the famed octagonal fighting arena of mixed martial arts before she moved to bigger and brighter things. She believes that there’s more […]

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Anahi Gonzales

In the perfect world, you’d be living on the beach, sipping piƱa coladas, watching the sunset with the beautiful Anahi Gonzales. Your perfect fantasy is also Anahi’s and if she had her way, she’d spend her life on the beach. The Peruvian beauty hasn’t made […]

Alina Vacariu

How many 14 year olds do you know that have won their country’s Model of the Year Award? Well, Alina Vacariu has won that in 1998, in her native country of Romania. The award marked the beginning of her rise to the top after she […]

Erica Ellyson

This past year a lot of crap happened, though there was some good too (Obama being one of them), there was a lot of sadness. But one of this past year’s bright spots was Erica Ellyson. She was crowned Penthouse Pet of the Year for […]

Doutzen Kroes

How hot do you have to be to replace Scarlett Johansson as the spokesmodel for Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance line? Well, if you’re Doutzen Kroes hot, then you’re in. Please, don’t ask how to pronounce her name, just appreciate this natural beauty from the Netherlands. […]

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Athena Lundberg

She’ll skydive, ride horses really fast, or even eat worms; that’s how fearless January 2006 Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, Athena Lundberg is. She’s an instant hit with the mag, with her goddess-like beauty and figure, and with a personality to boot. Lucky are the […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Hayley Parsons

It won’t be long now before we lose sight of Hayley Parsons from Kensington in the UK from the glossy magazines and into the dark nightclubs. That’s because her true passion is in DJ’ing, mixing tunes, and eventually producing albums. Shame really, since the winner […]

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