Luciana Vendramini

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s what Luciana Vendramini and her partner felt when they had a quickie in the emergency stairs of some building in Brazil. The thought of being caught with your pants down must be really exhilarating. Of course, having someone […]

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Juliana Ninin

Just like a palindrome, we’re starting the week just as we ended it a few nights ago. I say this because our next hottie’s last name is a palindrome and you know what that means right? Juliana Ninin is a Brazilian supermodel out of Marilia, […]

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Aryane Steinkopf

Let’s start the week right with a beautiful babe to get the circulation going. From one of our favorite goldmines, Brazil, comes yet another cutie, named Aryane Steinkopf. Her name is a bit misleading – you’d think she’s from some eastern European country but no, […]

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Deborah Secco

Ask any actor/actress and they’ll tell you that their dream role is to play villain. There have been many character actors and some of them have endeared themselves to us. Deborah Secco is one such star that will surely endear herself to you, even if […]

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Gyselle Soares

You’re looking at a person who’s determined to reach her goals, no matter what the obstacle she’s presented with. Gyselle Soares had a rough childhood. Her parents separated so she had to take up the slack left by her drunk father. Working at an early […]

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Simone Villas Boas

A model must rely on her looks for her livelihood. But she cannot be a one-trick pony. She has to diversify, and that’s what Simone Villas Boas is especially good at. She can basically transform her look to suit the taste of the photographer, stylist […]

Guisela Rhein

Whoever says that he’s getting tired of seeing beautiful girls should have their manliness checked. If you say that Guisela Rhein is beautiful but looks like so many other Brazilian hotties, hence, she doesn’t ‘do it’ for you, then you have serious issues. This towering […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Ana Claudia Michels

We’re really starting to suspect that the waters in Santa Catarina, Brazil are the miraculous kind. Ana Claudia Michels is from that part of the country but she’s not the first hottie we’ve featured that originated there. If you will recall, you’ll remember that Natalia […]

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Sandra Alionco

Brazil will be known for a lot of things but it will never be accused of running out of hot babes to show the world. I mean, you could practically write a whole volume of an encyclopedia with the many famous models and celebrities that […]

Fernanda Motta

If you think Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are the hottest of the hottest Brazilians, think again because Fernanda Motta is out to rock your world. Rarely do we see beauties like this, maybe she’s not real or something, maybe she’s mechanically engineered to look […]

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