Rayla Jacunda

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably aware that there’s a phenomenon known as the 2014 World Cup going on right now. Whether you call it football, soccer or futbol, it’s all good. And in case you’re not aware, Brazil are the hosts. We’ve […]

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Fernanda Liz

Brazil may have tied their match with Mexico, but the squad’s still looking good for the World Cup. They have a win already and they have babes like Fernanda Liz. With babes like her, you can bet that the entire crowd seeing the match would […]

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Amanda Gontijo

Beauty queen and former Big Brother Brasil beauty Amanda Gontijo blazes the pages of our bastion. She’s a former Miss Divinopolis and it’s a wonder why she didn’t become Miss Brazil. We’ll never really understand the ins and outs of beauty pageants but we’re just […]

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Karen Nuremberg

Making her maiden visit to our ports is the lovely Karen Nuremberg. The new year gives a fresh start for everyone and this lovely Brazilian is a beautiful addition to our list of beauties. There’s a bit of a debate on how to spell Karen’s […]

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Simone Villas Boas

We know that some parts of the world feel like hell itself is freezing over right about now. For that, we’re truly sorry but we actually have a little bit of a cure for the winter blues. How about a little bit of Simone Villas […]

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Isabela Soncini

Perfect is a word that’s often abused when describing women. But rarely does that description seem apt. For Isabela Soncini, perfect is certainly more than warranted. The Brazilian model has been a fixture for many brands, but her greatest projects come when she’s modeling lingerie […]

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Mari Silvestre

You would think that all photo shoots, especially ones when models like Mari Silvestre are involved, would be operating like clockwork. Nothing could be further from the truth because it’s all calculated chaos. During her shoot with Paparazzo, Mari almost fell from her chair, thereby […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Carol Magalhaes

A firm believer in the importance of your actions outside of the gym is the incredibly sexy Carol Magalhaes. While its true that most people could punish themselves to the point of exhaustion within the weight room, some people would be easily tempted by the […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Like a fountain that never runs out of water, Brazil never ever fails to amaze us. We could go on and on about their ladies like Isabeli Fontana here and we’ll never go dry. As of this writing, October 22, there are 70 days left […]

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Angelis Borges

Start the week right with an angel from Brazil. We might all be jaded from all the crap that comes out of reality TV but every once in a while, we’re treated with gems like Angelis Borges. She was once part of some Brazilian reality […]

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