Nicole Bahls

In some parts of the world, her last name might endure some snickering. But there’s nothing funny about Nicole Bahls and her awesome, bikini-tastic body. If you’d gander a guess, you’d be right if you picked Brazil to be her hometown. Nothing shocking there as […]

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Raica Oliveira

In case you haven’t heard it yet, J. Lo and Marc Anthony broke up (uhmm, surprise?). It may not mean anything to your or me, or even to Raica Oliveira for that matter. Maybe she won’t be wearing J. Lo’s lingerie designs anytime soon but […]

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Fernanda Prada

The Devil himself must be tempted when he/she sees Fernanda Prada wearing this. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – thank God for Brazil! More specifically, for Santa Catarina, Brazil. That place is just the best breeding ground for babes. Let’s see who […]

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Analu Campos

We all know that beauty goes beyond borders and that’s especially true for fashion models. But for lingerie models, it’s another story entirely as we’re compelled to look at women in their unmentionables, no matter where they’re from. Analu Campos is from Brazil but her […]

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Veridiana Freitas

Many girls know the fact that they hold immense power just by being themselves. They don’t have to read any of Robert Greene’s books to wield such control over us. Brazilian hottie Veridiana Freitas read ‘The 48 Rules of Power’ but she’ll probably use the […]

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Priscila Pires

Luck seems to be eluding Priscila Pires from her early years. Her parents separated before she even had the chance to terrorize them with her screams. Then, her mom died and she had to take on more responsibility. But that didn’t stop Priscila from reaching […]

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Maria Melilo

If you’re not living your life to the fullest, then you’re not living at all. That’s how Maria Melilo sees things and the former Big Brother housemate is now a UFC Octagon Girl. She’s also posed for Playboy and that’s how she wants to remember […]

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Babi Rossi

One thing that a man overlooks when he’s with a woman is the kiss. You may be worried about your performance, among other things, but if you’re a terrible kisser, then you can rest assured that you could suck at pretty much everything else. Barbara […]

Elisandra Tomacheski

Anybody fasted or abstained from worldly happiness this past Lenten season? Since it’s Easter, we’re giving you a prize for your sacrifice in the form of Elisandra Tomacheski. We’ve seen her before, but this is probably her hottest gallery. Her Bon Prix lingerie shoot isn’t […]

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Adriana Lima

While we were all busy paying ‘The Man’ last April 15, we may have missed some important matters. Like Adriana Lima’s newest gallery for Victoria’s Secret. Death and taxes aren’t avoidable so here’s the beautiful Brazilian to brighten your otherwise crappy month.

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