Fernanda Prada

Today is another ‘thank God there’s Brazil’ day as we feature another beautiful product of that country. Fernanda Prada has been modeling for quite some time now and her list of projects is long and distinguished. I really can’t imagine a world without Brazil and […]

Ana Lisboa

She’s not from Portugal but she speaks Portuguese rather well. Ana Lisboa is our latest Brazilian beauty to spice up your mid-week. A contest from a TV show placed Ana in the radars of talent scouts and things just fell into the proper place for […]

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Nanda Cesarino

One of the most popular fantasies for men is to make love on the beach. Some people have been lucky enough to have done it – and not get caught, while others were not so (we’re looking at you Ronaldo). Maria Fernanda Cesarino, or Nanda, […]

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Flavia Lucini

Whether you prefer Lucini to Luccini or vice versa, Flavia will still be luscious. This Brazilian model has seen action for several top designers and even had a campaign for Levi Strauss’ Warhol collection. But we’re not here to see Flavia in denims. Her latest […]

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Gabriella Grecco

Have you started doing the things in your bucket list already? I hope you have or you’ll end up regretting several things. That’s the greatest fear that Brazilian bombshell Gabriella Grecco has. She wants to do a lot of things and with her potential for […]

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Juliana Salimeni

Let’s give you some good juju with Juju herself, Juliana Salimeni. You know how those Brazilian soccer stars use unique nicknames for distinction (think Kaka or Pele) then you’d understand why Juliana prefers Juju. She’s still relatively obscure, apart from several galleries to her credit […]

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Juliana Ninin

Just like a palindrome, we’re starting the week just as we ended it a few nights ago. I say this because our next hottie’s last name is a palindrome and you know what that means right? Juliana Ninin is a Brazilian supermodel out of Marilia, […]

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Aryane Steinkopf

Let’s start the week right with a beautiful babe to get the circulation going. From one of our favorite goldmines, Brazil, comes yet another cutie, named Aryane Steinkopf. Her name is a bit misleading – you’d think she’s from some eastern European country but no, […]

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Nathalie Edenburg

Missed those lovely ladies from our favorite goldmine? Okay, here’s your Brazilian fix for the weekend. Supermodel Nathalie Edenburg was just attending a magazine party in Sao Paolo. Little did she know that her face would be on a magazine someday. Of course, with a […]

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Livia Lemos

Sometimes, a little enhancement could go a long way for a female body. When Livia Lemos was flat-chested, people won’t give her a second look. But when she got her twins enhanced, offers flowed left and right. She even snagged one of football’s legends, in […]

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