Leticia Wiermann

Her last name might not sound like it but Leticia Wiermann is Brazilian. Her bloodline could be from somewhere else but one thing’s for sure – her ancestors were top-notch. She’s a professional fashion model with a taste for movies. And not just movies, they’re […]

Natalia Andrade

You know it’s a good thing when people notice that on several angles, you may look like Angelina Jolie, Yasmin Ghauri or even Ines Sastre. Those girls are what beauty is all about, and Natalia Andrade is beauty like that, and more. The Brazilian supermodel […]

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Yasmin Brunet

Her description might be something like you’ve read before in this glorious site. Yasmin Brunet is Brazilian and her mother was into modeling before. But what sets Yasmin’s mom apart is the number of appearances she had for Brazilian Playboy. That’s right, Luiza Brunet, the […]

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Juliana Martins

When Juliana was 15, she followed her dream of traveling the world and she did just that. She has been in Switzerland, Canada and France. Juliana joined the Elite Model Look contest in 1997 and even though she ended just a finalist, it seems like […]

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Mariana Coggiola

Just like the cogs on a gear, if one is missing, the whole assembly is ruined. So adding another piece to the great Brazilian machinery is Mariana Coggiola. This beauty may not be as tall as the conventional supermodel but like all parts, each one […]

Juliana Lohmann

You go to Brazil’s beaches to see and be seen. That worked like a charm when Juliana Lohmann decided to watch a World Cup soccer match on the beaches of Icarai. Little did she know that she too was being watched by a scout for […]

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Deborah Secco

Ask any actor/actress and they’ll tell you that their dream role is to play villain. There have been many character actors and some of them have endeared themselves to us. Deborah Secco is one such star that will surely endear herself to you, even if […]

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Gyselle Soares

You’re looking at a person who’s determined to reach her goals, no matter what the obstacle she’s presented with. Gyselle Soares had a rough childhood. Her parents separated so she had to take up the slack left by her drunk father. Working at an early […]

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Tais Araujo

Breaking ground for black Brazilian actresses is Tais Araujo. She was the first one to portray good girl roles for the largest Brazilian TV network. Growing up, Tais never really felt that she was beautiful, because of her skin color. But we know better. She’s […]

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Daniele Suzuki

When you’ve got the right friends, you’ll never go hungry or sleep on the streets. This was a touching lesson learned early on by Daniele Suzuki. She was raised alone by her mother because her father abandoned them. Daniele is a first-generation Japanese-Brazilian who can […]

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