Adriana Lima

I’m sure that if you look hard enough, somewhere in the Internet, you’ll find a collection of photos showing nothing but the glorious rear end of Adriana Lima. Can’t say that we blame them – hers is one of the finest this planet has to […]

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Lisalla Montenegro

As always, we provide the weekend gift and yet again, Brazil supplies the lovely lady. This time around, it’s Lisalla Montenegro and she’s absolutely, mind-bendingly awesome. It’s her first visit here in out ports and this maiden call is nothing but spectacular. Then again, she’s […]

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Leticia Farr

We’re far away from Monday now and it most certainly is a cause for celebration. While Leticia Farr may be far away from her native Brazil, she’s very much close to our hearts, thanks to these lovely photos. This model has an eye for design […]

Luisa Pasinatto

We couldn’t allow the week to end without featuring a beautiful Brazilian, can we? Luisa Pasinatto is doing the honors this time. The lovely lass is working under Pure Model Management Cape Town as far as we know, but that’s about it. We are certainly […]

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Rosanne Mulholland

The last day of 1980 was the first day on the life of the beautiful Rosanne Mulholland. She’s an actress from Brazil, who started her career in theater. This brought out the best in her and it showed in several of her projects. One of […]

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Juliana Mueller

Ending the week with a bang is always a good idea, and helping us accomplish that is Juliana Mueller. The Brazilian model’s work for Chicaboom swimwear is nothing short of bombastic. Unfortunately, the agencies that acquired Juliana’s services seemed to have been missing out on […]

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Suelen Carvalho

Ten points for whoever could name what body part Suelen Carvalho is most proud of. She says it attracts all the attention when she’s in the gym, and she’s there quite a lot. Su or ‘Cherry’ is a Taurus who’s from Rio de Janeiro and […]

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Daniela Cavalieri

Guaranteed to pitch a tent whether she’s on or off the football pitch is Daniela Cavalieri. She’s another one of those hot football ‘WAGs’ that the press love to cover. And that’s for good reason, because just look at Daniela. There’s a video of her […]

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Veronica Assis

Towering above mere mortals both in height and in stature is Veronica Assis. Brazil (yet again) provides us with the beauty that will keep us busy for the remainder of the weekend. She’s apparently a professional model who lets all her work do the talking. […]

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Raica Oliveira

We’re big fans of starting the week and the month right, and helping us do that is Raica Oliveira. She’s no stranger to our corner, but we last saw her a couple of years ago and it’s not really fair. With several recent projects in […]

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