Suzana Alves

Here is a girl that can satisfy the fetishes of both cat lovers and Brazilian lovers, all at once. This is Suzana Alves AKA Tiazinha, the girl who appeared on the cover of Brazil’s second highest selling issue of Playboy. She’s got a thing for […]

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Luli Miller

When it comes to hot international women, the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but you get our point. Take Luli Miller for example, just the name in itself sounds […]

Camila Alves

Here we have, for your viewing pleasure, Camila Alves, a Brazilian supermodel that just happens to be dating Mathew McConaughey. We think she could do a lot better for herself than Mathew McConaughey, why should see be with a famous actor when she could be […]

Maira Cardi

God, we love Brazilian girls. Sure, here at Plunder Guide we love girls from all over the world, and we definitely do not discriminate, but there’s just something about these girls from Brazil that makes us want to start a whole new life in Rio. […]

Marilia Moreno

Have you ever waited in the garden just to see when the buds will turn into flowers? I didn’t think so. It’s a futile exercise that few will ever endure. But watching Marilia Moreno turn from a relatively unknown Brazilian bud into the world-famous blossom […]

Regiane Brunnquell

A stroll on her favorite beach in Brazil became the ticket to stardom for Regiane Brunnquell. She wasn’t even supposed to be in Santa Caterina but as fate would have it, Regiane walked into a competition wherein they were looking for the most natural beauty […]

Daniella Cicarelli

Daniella hails from Brazil and is best known for being a host on Brazilian MTV. We have also heard that there are rumors of her being involved in a sex tape, which means as soon as I am finished with this post I am headed […]

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Fernanda Motta

If you think Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are the hottest of the hottest Brazilians, think again because Fernanda Motta is out to rock your world. Rarely do we see beauties like this, maybe she’s not real or something, maybe she’s mechanically engineered to look […]

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