Adriana Lima

How about a birthday song for Adriana Lima? The Brazilian hottie celebrates her 32nd year being extremely hot, without showing any signs of ageing. I guess that’s a taboo word for top-caliber babes like Adriana so we’ll leave that out the door. What we will […]

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Daiane Sodre

Here to cure your Monday blues away is Daiane Sodre, another Brazilian fashion model who just defies expectations. She’s a regular for several companies’ catalogs and was once a cover for L’Officiel magazine in Brazil. As we’ve often said, being a cover girl for a […]

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Anna Claudia Oliveira

You really have to wonder why beautiful people like Anna Claudia Oliveira doesn’t get as much write-ups than other socially unacceptable nutballs. What we have gathered though is that she’s a Brazilian model who’s signed with several agencies from around the world. Like all great […]

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Anamara Barreira

You really have to hand it to the Brazilians. We’re quite familiar with the beauty of their women; even their police officers look like this. Anamara Barreira was once a contestant for the 10th edition of Big Brother Brasil and that’s where the world took […]

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Manoela Klein

Our Brazilian babe coverage is extensive but I believe Manoela Klein will be the first to hail from Sao Leopoldo. Before going any further, let me just remind you to brace on to something stable, unless you want those lovely eyes to blow you away […]

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Carol Vasconcelos

No need for lucky charms, crystals or any of those items for curing all your ills. Just gaze upon the eyes of Carol Vasconcelos and watch the weekend blues away. Plus, it’s Memorial Day so it’s time to relax and catch up on some much-needed […]

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Fernanda Prada

There’s plenty of things to be thankful about and plenty to be remembered for the past week. Fernanda Prada in Penti Swimwear is just one of those. We’re perpetually thankful for her and her continuous work in some of the sexiest outfits allowed by law. […]

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Caren Souza

She’s not a jazz singer but Caren Souza has other things going on for her. The Brazilian model and actress is featured in a show called ‘Malice’. That’s actually a cruel joke because you can’t think nothing but impure thoughts when you’re presented with something […]

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Julia Pereira

Long as the Brazilian coastline may be, if you gather all their pretty ladies and line them up side by side, there’d still be an overflow. The country is just full of wonderful women, just like Julia Pereira right here. One of Major Model NY’s […]

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Fabiana Semprebom

What better way to lead the weekend than a beautiful Brazilian in a bikini? Fabiana Semprebom indulges us with her latest gallery. Third time’s a charm for this babe and her latest from Trajes de BaƱo are simply epic. She was also fantastic at the […]

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