Jessica Soares

Unlike most dads, Jessica Soares’ old man was the one who encouraged her to go into modeling. That’s really surprising since the typical father would do his best to keep his little girl from baring too much skin. Then again, they’re a Brazilian family and […]

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Adriana Lima

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of Adriana Lima for Victoria’s Secret, she comes out with a brand-new gallery. New photos from VS are always exciting – but new VS photos featuring Adriana is just an event all to itself. Absence does make […]

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Milena Cardoso

Maxim Portugal goes for maximum beauty as they feature Milena Cardoso in their latest issue. The Brazilian beauty will appreciate the magazine shoot, because she can enjoy the pics and read the article at the same time. We’ll have the same fun too, even if […]

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Franciele Perao

Pretty face with a beautiful body and an excellent aura, what else do we expect from a Brazilian like Franciele PerĂ£o? I know that line’s been played for countless times but it’s still valid. Very little however has been written about her because she has […]

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Fernanda Schonardie

It’s really time to learn Portuguese. Not only is the language sexy, you’ll also be in sexy company. Can you imagine being in the midst of babes like Fernanda Schonardie? Or the multitude of Brazilians that we’ve featured so far. Okay, admittedly, I just wanna […]

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Debora Nascimento

Brazilian babes never ever leave us hanging as far as visual delight is concerned. Except maybe when they’re cast in a big budget Hollywood flick, as was the case for Debora Nascimento in The Incredible Hulk. Her role was far too short but that’s okay. […]

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Fabiana Semprebom

Hard to believe but it’s been a couple of years now since we last saw Fabiana Semprebom in our ports. But we’re definitely making amends now, with several photos from her different projects in recent years. Wolford’s latest campaign involves Fabiana in some of her […]

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Simone Villas Boas

Since we’re in the topic of Brazil and her babes already, why don’t we feature another one of her lovely angels? Nothing much has changed about Simone Villas Boas really, except maybe that she got even hotter. For some people, that might be impossible, but […]

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Kat Torres

As common as her name may be, Kat Torres is a totally unique personality with enough sexy photos to last two, maybe three, lifetimes. She’s Brazilian so no surprises there. What’s surprising though is that she let the innocence of youth get the better of […]

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Talita Correa

Talita Correa is another angel from Brazil which we can now call heaven on Earth at the rate they are producing these beauties. She’s been featured in FHM covers before and had struck everyone by surprise. This time around, she’s going to show off in […]

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