Izabel Goulart

Another year has come and Izabel Goulart continues to deliver sizzling hot photos. Follow her on Twitter and see not just her pretty face, but her artistic eye as well. A couple of landscape shots and behind-the-scenes captures will tell you that she can be […]

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Celine Brink

I’ll make it a point to complete my New Year’s wish to go to Brazil and Celine Brink is one of the reasons. We’ve featured her before, but here are new photos of her in sporting some VIX Swimwear for you to enjoy!

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Graciella Carvalho

Happy New Year everybody! Since we like to start the year right, we might as well start with the best. Brazil never fails us in that department, and Graciella Carvalho is a classic example. She was once in a Miss Bum Bum contest – that […]

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Camilla Belle

As most of the world found out, the Mayans were wrong and the planet is still perfectly intact. But it’s not all peaches for some people, like Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle, as the couple announced that they are not going out anymore. Good news […]

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Elisandra Tomacheski

We’re quite familiar with Elisandra Tomacheski and we’re still marveling at her glory every time she pays us a visit. For her dozenth gallery, we’re seeing her in a new look. With her hair neatly prepped in a bun, we can now take a look […]

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Ana Hickmann

Heads up guys! We know that it’s been a long time since you last saw this model with the longest legs, but now she’s finally back into the spotlight ready to make us drool with her stunning physique. But what we love most about this […]

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Ana Cunya

The thing with Brazilian models is that they look good, right out of the gates. You’d think that they’d pay no effort in keeping up their physique but you’d be wrong. While they may be blessed with natural beauty, Ana Cunya believes that it’s still […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Rayanne Morais

For those chattering their teeth off from the bitter cold, we’re here to raise your core temperature to a more comfortable level. Helping us in the cause is Rayanne Morais, the former beauty queen who’s now hell-bent in getting married. The dude she’s getting hitched […]

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Lais Ribeiro

Contrary to a poll conducted by a popular, 24-hour news channel recently, Los Angeles is not the worst city in the world. They’ll be Stanley Cup champions for a little bit longer, thanks to the lockout, and the stream of beautiful women won’t be stopping […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Before reaching three decades of existence, Isabeli Fontana has accomplished things that most people will not in three lifetimes. Probably more. She’s walked every fashion show imaginable and has modeled for popular brands. But she’s also a responsible human being, actively involved in the ‘One […]

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