Karen Kounrouzan

She may list her hair as her most favorite body part, but right off the bat, we can name two or three more of our favorites, other than her crowning glory. While it’s true that Karen Kounrouzan has beautiful, flowing locks, we appreciate the fine […]

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Viviane Vidal

Here to add some life into your otherwise mundane week is Brazilian hottie Viviane Vidal. Yeah, no surprises there, another babe from that great nation greets us with her presence. But we certainly can’t help it, not with the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics […]

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Isis Valverde

God’s green Earth is just filled with beauty. Sure, there are times that we see it as hell, but most of the time, it’s lovely. If you still have any shadow of a doubt, just take a look at the collection of Brazilian babes that […]

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Tammy Di Calafiori

Hanging out with babes that look like Tammy Di Calafiori would be a daunting task. Just how would you start the conversation? What would you talk about? Will you sound like a bumbling idiot when you construct your first sentence. That’s likely, but if and […]

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Elisandra Tomacheski

We salute you, the hardworking man this Labor Day. Go ahead and relax, take away the bad vibes and replace them with images of Elisandra Tomacheski. Then watch as your well-being get rejuvenated and your spirits revived. This is just another step closer to Rio […]

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Fiorella Mattheis

Athletes competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio should be preparing for that as early as the day that the London Games ended. While most of us may not be joining the XXXI Olympiad, it doesn’t hurt if we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of […]

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Khrisley Karlen

Here’s one ‘KK’ we can definitely rally behind. While one may be popular for all the wrong reasons, she’s got nothing compared to Khrisley Karlen. From what we’ve gathered, Khrisley is a model and a stagehand for Cauldron of Huck, whatever that may be. If […]

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Jaqueline Carvalho

Next time the Brazilian women’s volleyball team is up, look out for number 8 and enjoy. She’s Jaqueline Carvalho, better known as Jaque. Being an outside hitter (her volleyball position), you can bet your bottom dollar that she spikes extra hard. You can also bet […]

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Paloma Bernardi

Anybody following women’s volleyball in the London Olympics? Then you must have seen that incredible save from the Brazilian Libero in their match against South Korea. Speaking of Brazilians, here’s another one for inspiration. Paloma Bernardi, however, isn’t playing volleyball, but is an accomplished actress, […]

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Patricia Beck

The correct guess from where Patricia Beck is from gets to see her in all her glory. Alright, it’s a trick question because you’ll get to see her photos no matter what. But if you must know, she’s Brazilian and from one of our favorite […]

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