Stacey Massey

There’s plenty of room for improvement for Stacey Massey. She feels like her portfolio isn’t solid enough for top brands, but I beg to differ. There certainly is more to her than being a Page 3 glamour model. Her lovely face matched with a natural […]

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Lauren Budd

Gossiping is a girly thing to do. But sometimes, we can’t help but listen to some juicy details about other people too. A little bird is floating a news that Lauren Budd must be sufficiently drunk first before you to enjoy her company. I really […]

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Charlotte Jackson

She was born for action and wherever there is a sporting event, you can bet Charlotte Jackson won’t be far behind. Her mom played lacrosse for England which Charlotte did as well. But aside from playing, this beauty serves as commentator for other sporting events. […]

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Cassie Sumner

Must be hard for a woman to look this good. Imagine a whole football club clamoring for your attention. Even established publications couldn’t get enough of Cassie Sumner. There’s a very good reason why she’s in demand and it’s plain as day to see here. […]

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Chloe Pridham

One company who’s used to winning since they started in the lingerie business is Triumph. They should be, since their name alone denotes Charlie Sheen awesomeness, minus the coke and the media hoopla. Chloe Pridham isn’t in any way linked to ol’ Chuckie there but […]

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Jessica Weekley

Treehuggers are delighted to know that there are far less magazines using paper for printing. But there are people who prefer the smell of the ink and the feel of paper between their fingers. These people are saddened by the fact that some magazines are […]

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Anastasia Harris

I can’t imagine just how much sleep you’d get if ever you’ll have the chance of being in the same bed with Anastasia Harris. My best guess is zero hours – that’s how much time you’ll spend your eyes closed. The woman loves her pajamas […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Sarah Longbottom

A very good reason to revive chivalry once more is Sarah Longbottom. The Manchester babe absolutely loves a gentleman – someone who’d open the door for her and be charming without being arrogant. Finding a man like that in this materialistic world may be impossible, […]

Hannah Martin

Everybody and his Uncle Bob now has a camera of some sorts and they actually have the nerves to call themselves photographers. But if you have your model like Hannah Martin giving you directions on how to shoot or how to operate your cam, then […]

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Natalie Suliman

It’s all roses and no guns for Natalie Suliman. She’s a vocal anti-gun advocate, dating back to her teen days for ITN news. And who wouldn’t listen to a beauty just like her? Either you have waxed your ears solid or you have gone deaf […]

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