Olivia Garson

No need for any rose-colored glasses whenever there’s a gallery featuring Olivia Garson. Everything this beautiful British babe puts out is awesome, including these new photos from Rosa Faia swimwear. She was also featured recently in Vysa Europa magazine, a Russian publication printed in Germany.

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Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Most models wouldn’t quote Einstein, but Chloe-Jasmine Whichello isn’t like most models. Blessed with amazing intellect and with good looks, she was spotted when she was in a reality show and things picked up from there. But hidden beneath that glorious appearance is a talent […]

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Liraz Dror

Interesting might be a severe understatement to describe Liraz Dror. She’s half-Israeli, half-British and full-on hot. Marie Claire UK recently featured her and they do understand Liraz’s potential. Other publications should really follow suit because they’re missing out a lot, by not getting the services […]

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Penelope Simpson

I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch when I say that Penelope Simpson will be one of the top lingerie models in the next couple of years. Just look at this British beauty and you’ll see that there’s weight in that […]

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Stacey Hannant

Competition is a good thing, especially if it yields splendid results. That was the case for Doncaster darling Stacey Hannant, who had her share of trials and tribulations but eventually triumphed as a model. Her work varies from catalogs to promotional shoots. But when not […]

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Emma Watson

Amazingly enough, it’s Emma Watson’s first visit to our ports. Maybe it’s because we’ve been thinking that Emma was still Hermione and we stopped there. But she’s traded the magic wand for the stripper’s pole and everything’s alright now. She recently went on the cover […]

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Samio Renelda

Unique name and a unique beauty are just some of what Samio Renelda has to offer. The professional model loves the pin-up look and her natural ‘fro. Very few people could rock that look like Samio here. She could also be the perfect girl because […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Charlie Webster

Looks like somebody’s in hot water after her FHM shoot. The people at Sky Sports are worried that Charlie Webster’s appearance in the magazine will undermine her credibility. But that’s totally not happening because if anything, she’s even more believable now.

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Anastasia Harris

Out of her jammies and into something more sensual is Anastasia Harris. Last time we saw her, she had a very inviting pose on her bed, as if asking for an hour or a day of non-stop action. Her website is a treasure trove of […]

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Katya Sanchez

The British-Latina combination is simply sensational. Just look at Katya Sanchez, once crowned Miss Bath and finalist for Miss England. She didn’t get the bigger title but she got something even bigger – that’s the admiration of the world and a feature in our humble […]

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