Lauren Ridealgh

What if Venus was actually reincarnated? Who would be the best candidate for her return? I’m sure that this will be a long debate, but Lauren Ridealgh would actually be a good prospect, if her shoot for Hub Magazine was to be considered. Alright, that’ […]

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Tamara Ecclestone

In England the name Tamara means goddess of rivers and stream, and I must say this hottie’s name really suits her since she’s beautiful that most of us wouldn’t hesitate to treat her like a goddess. Aside from fashion modeling, she also starred in her […]

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Emily Florence Shaw

The details are pretty hazy as of the moment but the unthinkable might be happening. I’m referring to the abolition of Page 3, that unique place in British papers that publishes some of the hottest female specimens that the human race has seen. It’s quite […]

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Lana DeAlessi

Big props must be given to Felix Baumgartner for his incredible achievement, jumping from the edge of space last weekend. Somebody who’s definitely punching a hole through the stratosphere herself is Lana DeAlessi. The London-based model loves to travel and loves to pose, though she’d […]

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Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore must be one of the sexiest models in the world today. She’s hot with a sexy body and near perfect face. This British hottie is the bomb! She’s into social networking sites and keeps her fans updated on what’s happening with her life. […]

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Geena Mullins

Been a while since we’ve featured a red-hot glamour babe. Maybe it’s the Olympic burnout or something else. One thing is clear though – we’ll never tire of seeing Britain’s best babes. That includes Geena Mullins here, the baby in the family and no doubt, […]

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Kelly Brook

Thank God it’s Friday! I’m sure everyone’s uttering those very lines right now. And thank goodness for Kelly Brook, who’s here to bring back a boatload of sexiness and then some. The first dozen galleries for this British babe has been so much fun that […]

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Geri Halliwell

Contrary to popular belief, the universe didn’t implode on itself when the Spice Girls decided on a reunion at the 2012 London Olympics. A key member of that group is Geri Halliwell, who just hit the big ‘four O’ mark in early August. Her age […]

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Rosie Jones

Can’t fault you if you’ll be cheering for the UK even if you’re not directly affiliated with the kingdom for the Olympics. They’ve been very good to us, especially in the glamorous babes department as demonstrated yet again by Rosie Jones. Each and every one […]

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Natasha Gilbert

Couple of days more and the biggest sporting spectacle on the planet will begin. Where will you be when the Olympic Games roll? British model Natasha Gilbert may or may not be in London that time. It will definitely depend on her schedule but we’ll […]

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