Shi Yi Ke

Get ready to be blown away after seeing Shi Yi Ke. She’s also known as Lisa, a cute Chinese model and actress who’s born on May 12, 1991 in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. She has been the spokesperson for several Chinese cosmetic brands and […]

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Jocelyn Chew

A hundred years ago, it’d be very rare for people from Iceland to meet people from China. But the Asian giant is planning on opening a new route via the Arctic. One individual who’s already seen the result of those two nations uniting is Jocelyn […]

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Niki Oh

Our next model is so hot, the exclamation is proudly declared in her name. Just hold on to your ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ right after you check out this gallery from Niki Oh. She took a brief break in the world of modeling, on account of […]

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Hou Shi Chen

China’s population is huge, and that’s putting it lightly. That means there’s hundreds of millions of hotties in there. Their rising stars alone would populate some small country somewhere. This includes Hou Shi Chen, a young Beijing babe who’s out to conquer the world. No […]

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Mylene Jampanoi

She may just be the poster child for the term ‘global village.’ Supermodel Mylene Jampanoi is from Chinese and French parents. She married an Indian dude but divorced him a few years after. This means that she may be available now. Ever wonder what nationality […]

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Chaney Chen

Mornings would be very pleasant when you wake up to somebody like Chaney Chen. The Beijing beauty’s Chinese name roughly translates to ‘morning babe’, or something like that. We’re not really sure because we’re not native Mandarin speakers. What we do know and understand is […]

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Jiang Yi Han

When it comes to models with a simple yet sexy look, you could include Jiang Yi Han, also known by her english name Phoebe Jiang, to your top list. She’s a half Chinese and half Korean model, actress and singer. Her cute face, curvaceous body […]

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Li Sha Sha

One more gallery for commemorating the Lunar New Year? I’m sure none of you would mind, especially if the model is Li Sha Sha. Though the Chinese celebration is effectively over (at least in China), good luck still seem to flow in for all of […]

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The Chinese Lunar New Year is about to roll in which means it’s just but right that we feature babes with Chinese heritage. Balancing our powers now is Yang Ying, or more commonly known as Angelababy. Her influence extended from Hong Kong to Japan, as […]

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Nikita Esco

Hailing from Southern California, Nikita Esco is a fan of fast cars, which is the main reason why she decided to become an import model, posing and flaunting her beautiful assets beside a car. And when she was asked to describe herself in one sentence, […]

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