Brianna Lobato

She’s studying to save the very planet in which we’re living in right now. Brianna Lobato is taking up Environmental Studies at San Diego State University. With a 3.33 GPA, the SanDiego12 babe is most certainly one of Captain Planet’s most trusted eco-warriors. Brianna loves […]

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Jillian Rahm

Arizona is a long ways away from the ocean but Jillian Rahm doesn’t care. This beach lover has reminders of her favorite place on Earth, even on her body. The two anchor tattoos symbolize her love of the ocean and her pledge to remain grounded, […]

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Brooke Rachman

Some girls become WAGs whether they know about it or not. Others purposely seek pro athletes and wish of becoming WAGs themselves, just like Brooke Rachman. The Lakers season ticket-holder dreams of being married to a pro athlete one day and that’s perfectly understandable. Trouble […]

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Akemi Nakamura

Japan and Colombia may have nothing in common, apart from the fact that both nations have produced some of the most beautiful lasses ever. Akemi Nakamura is a beautiful mixture of Japanese and Colombian. Not a common mix, but in a global setting we’re glad […]

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Sarah Clayton

It’s mid-week and you could use some pick-me-upper like Sarah Clayton of Pennsylvania right here. She’s got tons of experience and has appeared in countless shows and contests. Playboy may be going out of style but hopefully, hotties like Sarah bring the glory back. After […]

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Jaime Hammer

Christmas time is Hammer time. No, not the MC Hammer kind but with someone kinkier and sexier. Jaime Hammer can trace her roots in Italy and Germany but she has found her fortune in the US of A. You’ve probably seen her in Playboy or […]

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Juliette Frette

How many times have you heard of a Playboy Playmate who wrote the accompanying text across her photos? That’s right, zero times. But you’ll be surprised to know that Juliette Frette did just that. She’s an artist in several facets: a writer, model and painter […]

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Scarlett Eastland

What does a Communications Studies student do after he/she graduates? You can be anything you want to be, the course is so open to all sorts of jobs. But for Scarlett Eastland, the best form of communication is through her eyes and her incredibly hot […]

Dariya Snejenko

She can make something small become something big. Wonder what it is? We all know the answer but it should probably be better if you keep the answer to yourself. Ukrainian babe Dariya Snejenko recently migrated to the US and is now a business student […]

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Kari Klinkenborg

Standing 6 feet tall, Florida Gator Kari Klinkenborg has a few options to consider for her future career. She plays varsity volleyball and also models on the side. Her great height is an asset to both the sporting and modeling worlds so Kari would only […]

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