Daniela Lopez Osorio

At this point in time, whatever gallery that Daniela Lopez Osorio puts out is a gem. We haven’t seen this beauty for over a year now and it’s about time we check her out again. Perfection manifests in many forms but Daniela here is a […]

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Jennifer Hernandez

In most countries that have been conquered by the Spaniards of the past, the name Jennifer Hernandez is as common as they come. But there’s nothing common about this lovely Colombian model. As you can clearly see, she’s exceptionally beautiful. And she’s tall too, with […]

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Ana Lucia Dominguez

Been a really long while since we last saw Ana Lucia Dominguez. The Colombian cutie is still at the top of her game, looking pretty as ever. She’s still in the telenovela scene and she’s still modeling so everything’s all right. Gloss by her Twitter […]

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Catalina Otalvaro

Another lip-smacking gallery is delivered to us by Catalina Otalvaro. Her latest campaign for Besame Lingerie is simply breathtaking. As always, her natural beauty shines with very little clothing to get in the way. Other lingerie or swimsuit companies should really be looking Catalina’s way. […]

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Melissa Giraldo

The sheer awesomeness of Melissa Giraldo is back after a lengthy absence. It’s actually hard to believe that her last gallery was exactly 372 days ago. That’s 372 days too many, if you ask me. But even if her galleries are few and far between, […]

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Natalia Velez

Love is definitely all around and delivering that in heaps is the lovely Natalia Velez. We haven’t seen her for a while and this is certainly a refreshing return. She’s been busy with several projects and that’s not really surprising. A girl of Natalia’s caliber […]

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Daniella Donado

Somebody who’s really very familiar with Colombian beauties, particularly those from Baranquilla, is Daniella Donado. She’s from that city and she’s the host of Reina de Baranquilla. From the looks of things, Dani (as she prefers to be called on Twitter) is more than qualified […]

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Sofia Vergara

Just how many Christmases has Sofia Vergara seen in her life? The answer is, who cares? Because for babes in Sofia’s caliber, it’s festivities all year round. The woman doesn’t seem to age one bit, and she’s actually getting hotter as time goes on. Of […]

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Ana Sofia Henao

We really can’t state this enough but you definitely have to enjoy this latest post featuring Ana Sofia Henao. It’s been over a year since we last saw this hottie. The problem is that we won’t be seeing more of her in lingerie or swimsuit […]

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Lina Posada

Better watch out because the gifts will just keep on arriving here at Plunder Guide and in our affiliates. We know that you like beautiful babes and we will continue to indulge you. Then again, we’ve been doing that for the past 300 days or […]

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