Alejandra Guilmant

Climbing her way up to the top of our ‘most-anticipated’ models is the lovely Alejandra Guilmant. The lovely model returns and this time, she’s bringing her latest shots from her Esquire Mexico cover. She’s quite young, at just 20 years old, but her experience in […]

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Emily Scott

Still making our heads spin every time she appears for a gallery is the gorgeous Australian DJ Emily Scott. We’re no stranger to her beauty and it’s her third appearance in our ports. She’s the latest cover girl for FHM Turkey and it couldn’t come […]

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Lisa Cowley

Valentine’s Day 1990 was especially lovely to the Cowley family as they welcomed the latest addition with Lisa. Beauty is in the bloodline and as expected, she became one of the top models from South Africa. It’s just a mystery how she managed to evade […]

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Barbara Palvin

For the May 2013 issue of L’Officiel Magazine in Turkey, they’ve decided to shoot Barbara Palvin in high key. While it may be boring for our taste, it gets the job done. It showcases nothing but Barbara’s beauty and nothing else. Plus a white background […]

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Nina Agdal

Turning 21 last March 26 is the cover girl for Esquire Mexico’s April 2013 issue, Nina Agdal. She’s got a lot of things going for her and for good reason too. Having been featured in top magazines and fashion brands, Nina is at the prime […]

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Aldara Ortega

Straddling between so many agencies on both sides of the Atlantic is Aldara Ortega. And why not; when she looks as hot as this, only a dumb agency would pass on her services. She can be the most diva of all models and it will […]

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Pamela Horton

When it rains, it pours and that’s the good fortune that Pamela Horton is currently enjoying. Not only was the Wichita babe selected as Miss October 2012, she also got the nod as the cover girl for this month’s issue of Playboy. The eclectic mix […]

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Georgina Wilson

Beautifying the cover of June 2012’s Esquire magazine is the Filipina-English model Georgina Wilson. Compared to the other, more popular men’s magazine in the country, Esquire shows that it has class and has better content. And they seem to have more tasteful photos too, just […]

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Kate Upton

Altogether now, let’s sing happy birthday to Kate Upton! Which version you prefer, it’s your choice – just don’t expect us to belt a tune of the most popular one, lest we earn the wrath of the composers. Kate’s just turned 20 and like we […]

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Brooklyn Decker

Sam in ‘Battleship’, in case you were wondering, is none other than Brooklyn Decker. The movie role was accompanied by several presscons and more importantly, magazine covers. One fantastic offering was in GQ (which we featured last month) and in Redbook where she was surrounded […]

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