Nadia Marcella

Dreams of stardom would make a woman drive across the States all by herself. Just ask Lisa Nowak. Okay, she’s a bad example. A better role model would be Nadia Marcella, Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week for October 2010. You can’t keep her away […]

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Jamie Bradford

Throughout the years, Playboy has helped thousands of women reach their dreams and unlock their potentials. It’s not the smutty magazine that was once scoffed by mainstream media but a respectable publication. Jamie Bradford owes her popularity and self-confidence from Playboy. She has posed for […]

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Lauren D’Marie

Playboy may be sending S.O.S. signals recently but boy can they still find the hottest girls. Hef’s creation has been suffering from bad sales and it’s still a mystery since they can still get people like Lauren D’Marie to pose for them. Maybe it’s this […]

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Patrycja Mikula

If you’re having a hard time pronouncing her first name, just call her ‘Patricia’ and you’ll be safe. Patrycja Mikula is a Polish hottie who has been featured as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month for August 2007 and she still speaks with an accent. […]

Dariya Snejenko

She can make something small become something big. Wonder what it is? We all know the answer but it should probably be better if you keep the answer to yourself. Ukrainian babe Dariya Snejenko recently migrated to the US and is now a business student […]

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Kaytee Bees

There are certain numbers that stand out, like number 1 or even number 100. Kaytee Bees is special because she’s the 100th Cyber Girl of the Month, as chosen by Playboy. She has been in several Playboy shoots but her image hasn’t transitioned from pixel […]

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ZZ Top best explained it in their song ‘Legs’ – which goes something like ‘she’s got legs, she knows how to use them’. SaraLiz was gifted with incredibly long legs which she used to reach the top (pun intended). Before modeling, she was trained as […]

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