Marina Petlay

Goldy Rise, that’s the name you should be looking out for if you’re looking for the prettiest and sexiest DJ. That’s the stage name for the extremely beautiful Marina Petlay. When she’s not spinning, she’s busy burning up the lenses of photographers everywhere as a […]

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Emily Scott

Still making our heads spin every time she appears for a gallery is the gorgeous Australian DJ Emily Scott. We’re no stranger to her beauty and it’s her third appearance in our ports. She’s the latest cover girl for FHM Turkey and it couldn’t come […]

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Havana Brown

The worldwide trend seem to go for blazing-hot disc jockeys. Another sample of that is Havana Brown, one of Australia’s more popular exports to date. Maxim Australia is featuring her on their new cover and for good reason too. It’s not really difficult to fall […]

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Deejane Hannah

If you’ve guessed this babe’s career now involves spinning and mixing songs as a DJ, then congratulations! You win the Internet for today. Deejane Hannah is, well, a DJ who was once a model as well. If that’s the trend right now, then it’s a […]

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Megan Daniels

If you’ve been collecting a wide variety of magazines since 2009, then you probably recognized this alluring blonde bombshell, Megan Daniels. She graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Strobe, Heavy Metal, Ink Junkie, American Curves, Obscene and Tattoo. It’s just sad that starting this […]

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Brigitte Willers

Hot DJ’s are all the rage now, and that’s actually fine and dandy. Hearing a dude spin is kinda boring but when it’s someone like Brigitte Willers, it’s nothing short of amazing. The sexy South African can play Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber all she […]

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Tehmeena Afzal

Hate is such a powerful word and it really doesn’t go well with someone like Tehmeena Afzal. We’ve featured her before and we know that she’s fond of mixing sounds and we’re fond of her photos. Some people, however, still see nothing but hate when […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Korina Bliss

When this Canadian is around, the party never ends. Korina Bliss is not only a gorgeous model, but she can spin those tunes with gusto. She travels as a professional DJ when not busy blazing lenses with her sexy body. Korina owns a private website […]

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Tehmeena Afzal

How can you keep someone like Tehmeena Afzal from staying in the background? The simple answer is you can’t. Someone as beautiful as Miss Meena should be out in the open, and not just mixing tapes and selling them online. That was this entrepreneur’s gig […]

Pacemaker Handheld DJ System: Portable Turntable

I really like the idea of this Pacemaker Handheld DJ System. It’s 120 GB hold enough music to keep your club rockin’ until morning without the need to lug around all of that bulky equipment. One thing that this does well, is speeds up and […]

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