Briana Lee

Import models seem to multiplying, especially if they’re all natural and a beauty like Briana Lee. Born in Sacramento, CA, currently residing in Riverside, CA she is a fulltime Hooters girl as well as community college student. Briana was first discovered at an automotive show […]

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Nina Mascunana

We have an idea to end world ugliness forever, which some consider to be a bigger problem than world hunger. We propose to make it illegal for two people of the same background to spawn children together, thus creating a world of incredibly cute mixed […]

Jessica Michibata

The universe conspired the day Jessica Michibata was born. Born from a perfect mix of Japan and Argentina, Jessica was destined to be smoking hot. She has been making her living as a Japanese lingerie model and fashion model who modeled in ads for Lux, […]

Alley Baggett

Alley Baggett originally intended to become a traditional model, but was turned down because she was just a bit too short. She kept persuing her dreams however, and ended up as a lingerie model, which we have no complaints about at all. Did we mention […]

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Andrea Fonseka

If you’ve ever been to Singapore or plan to go there in the near future, then you wont mind running into this hottie, Andrea Fonseka. She was born in Penang, Malaysia, August 29, 1984 and was the winner of Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 and a […]

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Lisa Jenkins

Here’s an upcoming star from Goldcoast, Australia that you might not have seen before. Her name is Lisa Jenkins, a half Japanese, half English Australian model. She did photoshoots and ad campaigns for Veve Glamour Swimwear, Electric Sunglasses, Zoo Magazine, and Crystal Carvings Australia. Lisa […]

Lisa Fleming

The import scene has blessed us with another angel from above, Lisa Fleming. She was born April 26, 1985 in North Dakota to a Korean mother and American father (military brat) and raised in Sacramento, California. This half-Korean beauty also lived in Korea a couple […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Mandy Amano

Remember the 2005 Superbowl commercials? Well to refresh your memory there was a particular Pepsi commercial with this hottie starring in it. Her name is Mandy Amano, a Half-Japanese, Half-Irish sensation best known for becoming famous through a national broadcast network of the Pepsi/iTunes advertising […]

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Lindsay Kaye

Lindsay is half German-English, half Japanese and it certainly is a good combination judging by how she looks! At 26 years old, this beauty comes from North Carolina. Would you believe she’s an Air Force veteran? She’s Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Finalist and has appeared in […]

Arianny Celeste

Who said the octagon was just a place for guys? Arianny proves that theory wrong! There are still girls in the octagon even though they’re not fighting. UFC Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste, shows us her celestial heavenly body. It must be hard work walking around […]

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