Misa Campo

There are as many types of drunks in the world as there are elements on the periodic table. Some are pretty harmless, while others are downright criminal. But one type of drunk stirs Misa Campo’s martini, and that’s the ‘I love you’ kinda drunk. We […]

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Mika Van Winkle

In the list of ‘top questions not to ask a woman’, asking her height might rank second. The first, of course, is asking her her weight, which will earn you a smack or two. So when Mika Van Winkle was asked about her height, she […]

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Nathalie Pasyawon

On face value, you wouldn’t think that Switzerland and Thailand have anything in common – apart from the ‘land’ in their names of course. But some of their citizens have intermarried and look at the fabulous result. Like the beautiful Nathalie Pasyawon here. She’s so […]

Raquel Gibson

Raquel Gibson Raquel Gibson is Playboy’s Playmate for the Month of October 2005. This is worth celebrating still as the girl has it all. She was born in June 14, 1985 in Clearwater Florida and is an actress and a model at such a young […]

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Misa Campo

Misa Campo is considered one of the hottest import model. A Canadian citizen, this Eurasian bombshell is a mix of Filipino and Dutch. One of her hobby is playing poker and she claimed that she’s a pro. Well all we can say is that we […]

Maria Ozawa

A half-Japanese, half-French-Canadian, Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular AV idol in Japan and over the internet. What an interesting breed she is, and why do we say that? Well she claims that at the age of 13 she was already sexually active […]

Layla Ko

Half-Irish and half-Japanese – all beauty. Layla Ko is a model with numerous galleries spread all over the Internet. But in those galleries, not one has definitively described Layla. Maybe the writers are just dumbfounded by her beauty. Yours truly is also on his knees, […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Olivia Munn

Here’s the latest and greatest of sexy Olivia Munn posing for the January 2010 issue of Maxim. The Eurasian G4 network girl has been on a couple of different tech-head shows and she’s appeared in various magazines such as Playboy, Men’s Health and Maxim. She’s […]

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Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton is a compliment and contrast to her friend Arianny Celeste, with Arianny’s goods visible to anyone with two eyes, but Logan holds her own with a fashionable beauty. She’s currently a new-comer as an Octagon girl and is 20 years old, born in […]

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is orginally known as Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro. She has been working in the American adult film industry for ages and she has modeled in Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse just to name a few. In 2008 she started hosting the show School of […]

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