Melanie Iglesias

With a name like that, you’d think that Melanie Iglesias wouldn’t do something to offend any form of deity. Maxim mag’s 2010 Hometown Hottie winner did some unholy things on hallowed grounds with her boyfriend but she said she’s sorry for it. All’s forgiven, Melanie, […]

Paulene So

It’s a well-known fact that men tend to listen more when it’s a woman who’s selling. Whether it’s cars, drinks or smokes, when there’s a sexy lady involved, chances are that men will hypnotically follow. That’s why it’s a good move for a condom company […]

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Michelle Madrigal

Ehra Madrigal’s little sister gets in on the act as well as they heat up the otherwise balmy Philippine climate on FHM’s November issue. Michelle Madrigal is an actress and model whose credits will not interest any of you. What you’d be interested in however, […]

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Lorena Amore

Arizona just got hotter when Lorena Amore decided to call it home. This sexy model was born in Bulacan, Philippines from a Spanish father and Filipina mother. Don’t mistake her for being just another Eurasian model because she’s not. What we know is that she’s […]

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Solenn Heussaff

Do you think artists are born that way or it’s training that makes them artistic? Filipina-French model Solenn Heussaff may be a born artist and she’s continuing to explore other artistic crafts so she may also be an artist by training. Solenn is also into […]

Wendy Valdez

Bad girls do have more fun and if you’re appearing as one on national TV, you can bet that fame (or infamy) follows soon after. This is the classic formula used by Wendy Valdez when she was a guest in the Philippine version of Big […]

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Jacq Yu

As adrenaline-pumping as any race can be, you can double that when you are up against a hottie like Jacq Yu. She was a contestant for the Amazing Race Asia which is just her cup of tea. Jacq is an adventure-junkie and likes to go […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Jackie Rice

A lot of Asians have rice as their staple diet. Their meals won’t be complete without a cup of that oh-so-white goodness. Getting hungry yet? Well, you won’t just go hungry, but will be starving for somebody like Jackie Rice. She’s part-American and part-Filipina but […]

Cristine Reyes

Christine Reyes is one of the hottest models and actresses from the Philippines. She ranks #1 in the FHM Philippines’ list of sexiest women. She is also recognized as the Sweetheart of StarStruck and the Dance Princess. Not only is she a great actress, but […]

Pualei Lani

Pualei Lani is one of the hottest Filipina models. Her exotic attractiveness has fascinated many men. She is kind of a beach/Island girl since she likes to swim, dive and go surfing. Pualei loves to play Texas Hold ’Em and she is a huge football […]

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