Abby M

Growing up with separated parents and an abusive nanny in the Philippines forced Abby to become the strong woman that she is right now. Imagine having to eat a bar of soap as punishment! Well, Abby got the worst nanny in the world in her […]

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Alley Baggett

Alley Baggett originally intended to become a traditional model, but was turned down because she was just a bit too short. She kept persuing her dreams however, and ended up as a lingerie model, which we have no complaints about at all. Did we mention […]

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Francine Dee

Although born in Hong Kong and growing up in The Philippines, Francine Dee has been in America since she was 5. But that doesn’t stop this 3/4 Filipina, 1/4 Chinese beauty from looking stunningly exotic. Nonetheless this girl with her larger than life chest is […]

Francine Prieto

Francine Prieto born Anna Marie Falcon (September 19, 1982) and she is a model and actress from the Philippines. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a child, and believe it or not, aside from making men sweat with her sexy movies, this […]

Pearl Nalani

Friday must be a great day because we managed to find a Pearl that you won’t mind keeping. Pearl Nalani, as she goes by, was born in New York City and moved to LA. She’s half Filipina, half German standing at 5’6. Pearl got her […]

Leilani Dowding

She is pure perfection isn’t it? Too bad she’s engaged. Leilani Dowding was actually UK’s top glamour model, thanks to her exotic looks, which stem from her Filipino mother and English father. After being successful in the UK, expat Leilani, now spends her time sunning […]

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