Annika Stenvall

We haven’t been focusing on Scandinavian sweeties lately so here’s someone to break the dry spell. Annika Stenvall is a Finnish fashion model. That’s everything we know about her. Seriously, there’s not a shred of usable information about Annika. What we do know is that […]

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Vera Jordanova

Nothing can be quite as tempting a lure for men than a sexy woman. Throughout history, when a lady is used as bait, men will generally fall for the trap. Which is why Vera Jordanova was the perfect front in the movie Hostel II. She […]

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Kiira Korpi

Have you seen this totally hot figure skater from Finland by the name of Kiira Korpi yet? The girl is incredibly hot and more importantly, flexible. If she is that flexible on the ice, we wonder how…well, maybe we don’t need to finish that sentence.

Top 12 Scandinavian Girls

Scandinavian girls are a real treat. For the most part Scandinavian girls are the majority of men’s dream girls. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts. Of course, there are pretty brunette Scandinavian girls as well and we have made sure to feature them here, but […]

Anna Falchi

Ann Falchi is a half Finnish, half Italian blonde, with a set of lips that could make Angelina Jolie jealous. Anna, like many other European models has a thing for soccer players, which is really starting to piss us off that these soccer players are […]

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