Laura Giraudi

It won’t come as a surprise for us if Laura Giraudi gets all these projects all of a sudden. Something about her says ‘superstar’ and we can totally get behind every single one of her shoots. She was recently featured in the hugely popular website […]

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Eve Tramunt

Adam (supposedly the first man on the planet) wouldn’t have any chance against the charm and the seductiveness of somebody like Eve Tramunt. Though the French model isn’t exactly a temptress, one would be forgiven if he thought so. That said, please feel free to […]

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Tatiana Platon

Slowly but surely, Moldova is beginning to unravel itself to us as a honey hole for some of the prettiest babes. We’ve seen plenty of Xenia, a little bit of Nadja, now it’s Tatiana Platon. She’s Moldovan by birth, but adopted French citizenship later on. […]

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Deborah Mace

This is one Mace we’d gladly come near to and inhale as deep as we can. Deborah is a French model from Marseilles who’s secretly a singer. She feels sexiest in a bikini, and she’s aces in our books because of that. Show your best […]

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Berenice Marlohe

Every waking minute that you’ll see a smiling Berenice Marlohe is a sparkling moment. She recently campaigned for Swarovski Crystals and those shiny bits of style accessory will never match the radiance of this French beauty. After Skyfall, Berenice will be starring in two other […]

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Jessica Burciaga

Not that we want to know, but we’re completely clueless about when the ‘handbra’ shot started. All we know is that when it comes to that provocative shot, Jessica Burciaga can be considered as a certified expert. No wonder that even all star athletes couldn’t […]

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Mylene Jampanoi

She may just be the poster child for the term ‘global village.’ Supermodel Mylene Jampanoi is from Chinese and French parents. She married an Indian dude but divorced him a few years after. This means that she may be available now. Ever wonder what nationality […]

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Nikita Esco

Hailing from Southern California, Nikita Esco is a fan of fast cars, which is the main reason why she decided to become an import model, posing and flaunting her beautiful assets beside a car. And when she was asked to describe herself in one sentence, […]

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Kim Lee

Voted number one at the 2011 FHM’s Sexiest Women of the World search, here’s Kim Lee to give us some proof. She stands 5′ 6″ inches tall, and she’s loaded with great assets. She was blessed with a mixed French-Vietnamese beauty, which may be the […]

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Dominique Le Toullec

More than anything else, exercising must be the most challenging ordeals we could subject our bodies. We all want a fit bod but we never run out of excuses to avoid working out. Somebody who isn’t making any reasons not to get fit is Dominique […]

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