Julia Baus

The new issue of FHM South Africa will feature the gorgeous Julia Baus. She isn’t really a stranger when it comes to shooting for FHM because she was cast as one of the calendar girls for 2014. According to her Facebook page, she won ‘Million […]

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Claudia Szeglat

The presents are continuing to come for you, our dear readers. This time around, the gift is in the person of Claudia Szeglat. Why do I say that? Because seeing her for the first time is very much like opening a present. You have a […]

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Simona Ehmann

Originally from Germany but working and living in London now, Simona Ehmann is one name we should all remember. While we haven’t seen a lot of her work, we can clearly see that she’s offering something special. That incredibly beautiful face combined with a towering […]

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Leila Grolimund

Germans are known the world over to be perfectionists. When something needs to be done, they are known to do it well. The people are the same and coming close to perfection are some of their babes. Just like Leila Grolimund here. No fanfare or […]

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Julia Mauelshagen

Germany gives us another gem with Julia Mauelshagen. We’re practically uncovering a diamond in the rough here. With the all the photos of her, we can see that she’s a successful fashion model in her own right. She’s been on several magazine covers but there […]

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Melanie Ribbe

Some girls fight tooth and nail just to be in the modeling scene. Others, like Melanie Ribbe, were literally pushed into the business. She was born in Munster, Germany but moved to a more exotic place afterwards; Montego Bay, Jamaica to be exact. While she […]

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Joanie Brosas

Let this Filipino, Dutch and German beauty welcome the weekend with a resounding bang. Joanie Brosas is the daughter of an Air Force officer and was born in Guam. But she calls Salt Lake City home now, whenever she’s not busy shooting for Playboy or […]

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Hana Nitsche

The perfect example of a model being a model citizen at the same time is Hana Nitsche. She’s won plenty of awards as a fashion icon alright, but she also has a bright mind. And to make things more interesting, she also has a soft […]

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Franziska Knuppe

This German beauty is a testament of so many things that are good coming out of that country, apart from the cars. Franziska Knuppe was the face of campaigns by Triumph, Joop, Oasis and Reebok. She was also featured in plenty of magazines but the […]

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Ana Hickmann

Heads up guys! We know that it’s been a long time since you last saw this model with the longest legs, but now she’s finally back into the spotlight ready to make us drool with her stunning physique. But what we love most about this […]

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