Veena Malik

Being selected as the top 26 hottie from a country of over a billion people must be really something. Go ask Veena Malik, if you can find a break in her incredibly busy schedule. Originally from Pakistan, the beautiful actress will have steamy sex scenes […]

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Emma Watson

Amazingly enough, it’s Emma Watson’s first visit to our ports. Maybe it’s because we’ve been thinking that Emma was still Hermione and we stopped there. But she’s traded the magic wand for the stripper’s pole and everything’s alright now. She recently went on the cover […]

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Nina Agdal

Turning 21 last March 26 is the cover girl for Esquire Mexico’s April 2013 issue, Nina Agdal. She’s got a lot of things going for her and for good reason too. Having been featured in top magazines and fashion brands, Nina is at the prime […]

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Liza Kei

Bet you’ll never guess where Liza Kei comes from, judging by her name alone. We’ll save you the trouble and tell you that she’s Russian. The name’s actually a shortcut for Kirjukhina. As far as we can gather, Liza is a fashion model who once […]

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Emily O’Hara

In this world that’s buzzing with noise, Emily O’Hara finds her voice and lets everybody hear it. That’s not speaking figuratively, because this glamour model is also a budding singer. While we haven’t actually heard a single note from her repertoire, we can only imagine […]

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Sancler Frantz

After an exhaustive search, the Miss World Brasil committee felt that Miss Ilhas dos Lobos Sancler Frantz was the one. She’ll be representing her great nation come September in Indonesia, at the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant. Apart from that honor, Sancler also bagged the […]

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Arianny Celeste

Ever really pondered why there’s a need for pretty girls in between rounds of boxing or MMA fights? It may be a lengthy debate before we reach a conclusion to that question, so we’re bringing Arianny Celeste back. It’s true that we will never tire […]

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Stacey Kay

Think Stacey Kay’s pretty hot? Wait ’til you see other angles of her. And by other angles, I mean her rear end, that incredible Latina bottom. She’s half Panamanian, hailing from Gilbert, Arizona. Having overcome the loss of her mother when she was in her […]

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Alissandre Martines

Think that catalog models are just made-up mannequins that breathe? Alissandre Martines proves that wrong. She may be modeling hundreds of clothes and accessories, but she puts her brand of personality with every shot. That’s really important, because we all know how sexy catalog models […]

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Lee-Ann Roberts

It’s almost uncanny but whenever we see babes named Candice or Lee-Ann and they’re from South Africa, then they’re guaranteed to be off the charts. Like Lee-Ann Roberts here, who was once a Playboy Playmate, one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest and is an aspiring actress. […]

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