Darlene Rosas

Here’s a rose for you, to brighten up your Monday. Darlene Rosas, as you could probably tell, is a model. What you don’t know is that she’s a star student. Or something like that because that’s what Google translated. She’s also hardworking, God-fearing and totally […]

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Iris Kavka

Austria, Czech Republic or Slovenia – either one of those nations can be the true birthplace of Iris Kavka. We’re not particularly concerned about her nationality for the moment because she’s a model and models tend to be citizens of the world. They do in […]

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Daniela Lopez Osorio

Not to be confused with Daniela Lopez (who is equally beautiful, by the way), Daniela Lopez Osorio brings our week up to speed. We’re huge fans of babes with three names that roll out beautifully from your mouth, and this Colombian hottie is no different. […]

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Agnes Konkoly

Seeing babes like Agnes Konkoly smile makes you wanna smile yourself. Kinda like the first ray of sunshine after a thunderstorm, or an open parking slot during a summer sale. The beauty from Budapest represented Hungary at the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, where she landed […]

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Marilyn Ramos

Unlike the other South African models we’ve featured before, Marilyn Ramos has a name that doesn’t sound like it was taken from a Tolkien novel or a Star Wars script. In fact, the name Marilyn Ramos is so common that you’ll have to be careful […]

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Cecilia Bonelli

Guaranteed to stiffen up the bones, muscles and what-have-yous for the weekend is Cecilia Bonelli. This Argentine model and actress has been in the business for quite a while now but it’s the first time we’ve heard of her. People might be calling Cecilia as […]

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Victoria Winters

No shivering or freezing whenever Victoria Winters rolls in. The Playboy Cybergirl is from Blacksburg, Virginia and she works at a tech lab in her hometown. Victoria is an intellectual woman, who is totally confident about her body and what she can achieve with her […]

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Daniela Cavalieri

Guaranteed to pitch a tent whether she’s on or off the football pitch is Daniela Cavalieri. She’s another one of those hot football ‘WAGs’ that the press love to cover. And that’s for good reason, because just look at Daniela. There’s a video of her […]

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Elisabeth van Tergouw

After turning us into hound dogs for her ASOS photoshoot and giving us the lumber for Littlewoods, Elisabeth van Tergouw green lights the summer with the following gallery. We’ve seen the Dutch hottie from a while back and it’s nice to welcome her again with […]

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Viola Valentina Vignali

Now there are basketball WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and then there are basketball players that would make a great wife. Case in point is Viola Valentina Vignali, an Italian goddess that’s at home both on the hard court and the fashion runways. She’s so beautiful […]

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