Paula Andrea Fernandez

This next model should be the perfect example of what a healthy and fit human being should be all about. Paula Andrea Fernandez took up Nutrition in college and that says a lot about her overall appeal. This means that she’s quite aware of what […]

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Valeria De Santis

Kiss the weekend away but still look forward to the week. A lot of good things can happen and we can help jumpstart that with Valeria De Santis. Just imagine locking lips with this beautiful Peruvian. Her kisser is one of the best we’ve seen […]

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Alexandra Horler

Be mindful of that double fault when approaching Alexandra Horler. The former tennis player believes that a smooth and purposeful style is a lot better than the gung-ho type. Away from the clay courts, Alexandra is now a sports presenter in Peru and she’s doing […]

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Alejandra Gonzales Daly

Beauty runs in the Gonzales household. Anahi Gonzales may have gotten her door into the world of modeling first but little sister Alejandra was not to be outdone. She may be on the short side of things but that pretty face and amazing body more […]

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Ania Gadea

A week would simply be weak without a good helping of Latina spice. So before the 49th week of 2011 closes, let’s enjoy another Peruvian. Ania Gadea is one seriously spicy babe. She’ll be celebrating her birthday two days before Christmas so don’t forget to […]

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Lis Mendiola Vasquez

You know that you’ve gotten the right woman for an advertisement when she gets advertised herself. Lis Mendiola Vasquez is an Advertising student but I reckon that she’d be modeling most of the products she’ll be studying. She’s a Latina, which explains her otherworldly body […]

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Miryam Calizaya

Though she’s clearly not Chinese, Miryam Calizaya isn’t passing up on the Chinese New Year celebration. She’s dressed up as a bunny and it looks like Peru will be having a population explosion. Why did I say that? Because of romantics like Miryam here, who’s […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Cindy Davila

Like all women, Cindy Davila would rather be alone than be with bad company. That makes a lot of sense actually. Dealing with your personal issues is difficult enough – dealing with your partner’s set of problems is downright insane. So instead of looking for […]

Claudia Abusada

The English translation of her family name is less than appealing, if you think about it. Claudia Abusada translates to Claudia Abused, and that doesn’t really bode well with the authorities, no matter where you might be in the world. But relax, Claudia’s perfectly safe […]

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Kryscia Essenwanger

It’s only a week before Christmas and we’re starting our gift-giving early. We’ve begun it actually and we’re continuing it now with Kryscia Essenwanger. Yeah, her name’s a mouthful and so is her figure. She’s of German ethnicity but is a Peruvian citizen. Kryscia thinks […]

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