Claudia Dean

There are any number of ways to pronounce the name Claudia Dean. But according to her Twitter profile, it’s pronounced as ‘claw-dee-a’ and there’s no two ways about it. What’s the big deal you say? For starters, her name’s actually pretty common, and there could […]

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Simona Ehmann

Originally from Germany but working and living in London now, Simona Ehmann is one name we should all remember. While we haven’t seen a lot of her work, we can clearly see that she’s offering something special. That incredibly beautiful face combined with a towering […]

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Kelly Brook

Win the lottery or be with Kelly Brook forever? That’s probably one of the toughest theoretical choices one could be facing. On the one hand, having a million or so bucks buys you a whole lot of things. But having Kelly Brook by your side […]

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Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Most models wouldn’t quote Einstein, but Chloe-Jasmine Whichello isn’t like most models. Blessed with amazing intellect and with good looks, she was spotted when she was in a reality show and things picked up from there. But hidden beneath that glorious appearance is a talent […]

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Casey Batchelor

Being a bit of a paradox is the British hottie going by the name of Casey Batchelor. First, her name – a term usually used for dudes (spelled differently, though). Then it’s the fact that she’s an exercise nut with great flexibility, despite her, um, […]

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Lauren Ridealgh

What if Venus was actually reincarnated? Who would be the best candidate for her return? I’m sure that this will be a long debate, but Lauren Ridealgh would actually be a good prospect, if her shoot for Hub Magazine was to be considered. Alright, that’ […]

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Katya Zalitko

Being a member of Russia’s Sport Aerobics and Fitness Team, Katya Zalitko qualifies for our category as the perfect model. Because she’s got the fitness part down pat, all she has to do is project. And what do you know, she’s good in that part […]

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Lana DeAlessi

Big props must be given to Felix Baumgartner for his incredible achievement, jumping from the edge of space last weekend. Somebody who’s definitely punching a hole through the stratosphere herself is Lana DeAlessi. The London-based model loves to travel and loves to pose, though she’d […]

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Jamie Gunns

People can, and have achieved their goals, no matter how insurmountable they seem to be. Just like you, if you just stick to your guns, to coin the phrase. Jamie Gunns had a bit of a weight problem while growing up, but look where she’s […]

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Danni Fernandez

The hate for lawyers is quite understandable. But what if they all looked like Danni Fernandez? I’m sure that boiling rage will turn into something warm and fuzzy inside. Danielle Georgina Charlie Fernandez of London almost became a lawyer before the glamor of modeling lured […]

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