Melissa Giraldo

The sheer awesomeness of Melissa Giraldo is back after a lengthy absence. It’s actually hard to believe that her last gallery was exactly 372 days ago. That’s 372 days too many, if you ask me. But even if her galleries are few and far between, […]

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Anais Pouliot

Pretty sure that the name Anais Pouliot sounds sexy if pronounced correctly. The Victoria’s Secret model looks absolutely stunning in her latest campaign that we missed initially. But we have a pass because it’s the first time that this beauty visits our shores. The sexy […]

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Diana Morales

Show of hands, who wants ‘moar’ of Diana Morales? I certainly do. The last time we saw this Spanish sensation was over a year ago. The time that passed saw the emergence of several galleries from this beauty. We’re truly sorry for not updating on […]

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Jef Gaitan

Following any advice from any episode of any version of ‘Survivor’ would potentially be fatal. Then again, that show isn’t about survival at all, though we do appreciate the babes that have come out of said series. Jef Gaitan is one such alum and she […]

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Olga Kent Calpajiu

Models are either born or made and Olga Kent Calpajiu feels that she belongs to the latter. Starting out as a beauty queen, a Romanian agent felt that her talents would be better suited in the modeling world. And that’s what she did, moving from […]

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Martina Garcia

Thankfully, Martina Garcia just stars in a film called ‘The Hidden Face’ and not doing that title literally. She wants the whole world see her radiance and for that, we’re thankful. The Colombian chica de caliente has studied in France and the UK, getting classes […]

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Samio Renelda

Unique name and a unique beauty are just some of what Samio Renelda has to offer. The professional model loves the pin-up look and her natural ‘fro. Very few people could rock that look like Samio here. She could also be the perfect girl because […]

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Caroline Corinth

Good times will never be as good without sweet Caroline Corinth. The Victoria’s Secret model doesn’t need to reach out her hands because the mere sight of her will be touching our very core. Don’t believe me? Have a gander at the following gallery and […]

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Kirsten Wilson

South Africa is simply swamped with sexy swimsuit sensations and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Kirsten Wilson is a classic example. Think she deserves to be the country’s sexiest? Then cast your vote here. We’ll help in the decision making, with a sample of […]

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Sherlyn Chopra

Somebody who’s clearly adept in the nuances of social networking sites is Sherlyn Chopra. We’ve seen her before but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be looking at her hot new photos. Once known as Mona, Sherlyn stars in one of the hottest titles that […]

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