Deborah Ann Woll

E.J. Scott is one lucky man. Not only is his girlfriend Deborah Ann Woll smoking hot, she’s also one with him in his fight against his condition called choroideremia that can cause blindness. You’ve probably seen Deborah in True Blood where she plays the lead […]

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Jocelyn Chew

A hundred years ago, it’d be very rare for people from Iceland to meet people from China. But the Asian giant is planning on opening a new route via the Arctic. One individual who’s already seen the result of those two nations uniting is Jocelyn […]

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Candice Swanepoel

Here to wake you up from your drunken stupor after St. Patrick’s Day is the lovely Candice Swanepoel. We have no clue how she celebrated that holiday (if at all), but we certainly enjoyed it. Vogue Spain’s April 2013 cover girl is off to a […]

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Sara Loren

California has Hollywood. India’s counterpart is Bollywood and until recently, I didn’t know that Pakistan’s version is called Lollywood. You really learn something new everyday. What’s interesting to know also is that Sara Loren has been making a killing in her homeland’s showbiz industry. The […]

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Franciele Perao

Pretty face with a beautiful body and an excellent aura, what else do we expect from a Brazilian like Franciele PerĂ£o? I know that line’s been played for countless times but it’s still valid. Very little however has been written about her because she has […]

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Alejandra Maglietti

Don’t be surprised if you’ll be hearing more and more about Argentina for the next couple of weeks. The Catholic Church chose a new pope and he happens to be from that beautiful nation. Also coming from Argentina is Alejandra Maglietti. She may not have […]

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Katya Sanchez

The British-Latina combination is simply sensational. Just look at Katya Sanchez, once crowned Miss Bath and finalist for Miss England. She didn’t get the bigger title but she got something even bigger – that’s the admiration of the world and a feature in our humble […]

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Deimante Guobyte

Anybody using a computer would be familiar with a byte, a megabyte and a gigabyte. But how much capacity would a Guobyte be? The answer might be perplexing, though we certainly appreciate the figure delivered by Deimante here. The Lithuanian model must have one of […]

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Simmy Singh

Great things can, and has happened, at Hooters. You can enjoy them wings and celery sticks and see sexy babes. The company’s bikini contests are the stuff of fantasies as well. Events like those can even yield future stars like Simmy Singh here. But I […]

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Charlotte Springer

Another part of the world that we should be extra protective of, in case a global catastrophe hits the planet once again, is Essex, England. The place is known for its beautiful babes, like Charlotte Springer here. While the city might not win any travel […]

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