Jennifer Hernandez

In most countries that have been conquered by the Spaniards of the past, the name Jennifer Hernandez is as common as they come. But there’s nothing common about this lovely Colombian model. As you can clearly see, she’s exceptionally beautiful. And she’s tall too, with […]

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Natalia Velez

Love is definitely all around and delivering that in heaps is the lovely Natalia Velez. We haven’t seen her for a while and this is certainly a refreshing return. She’s been busy with several projects and that’s not really surprising. A girl of Natalia’s caliber […]

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Cristina Hurtado

A mid-week angel ought to do everybody some good. As usual, Colombia provides the charm with Cristina Hurtado. Another product of a reality show, Cristina is different because she looks absolutely beautiful and she has the smarts to back up that beauty. Unfortunately, the same […]

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Maria Alejandra Londono

Our aim here is to please and as always, we are employing the help of another beautiful Latina lady. We’re not really strangers to their enchanting looks but it’s really a delight when you’re greeted with somebody like Maria Alejandra Londono. Alright, we’re talking about […]

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Catalina Otalvaro

The weather might be headed for the cooler side of things but we’re keeping the warmth with babes like Catalina Otalvaro. Hard to believe but Autumn is just around the corner and bikini season is just about over. While that may be true to some […]

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Julieth Roman

Medellin is really a miraculous place. Consider all the craziness that happened there some two decades ago and you’d be thankful that it wasn’t erased from the face of the Earth. That’s a good thing because we wouldn’t have seen babes like Julieth Roman and […]

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Andrea Giraldo

Believe it or not, Andrea Giraldo is a different beauty from the one we’ve featured a couple of months back. They may share the same name and it’s slowly dawning on us that it’s quite a common name. There’s nothing uncommon about their loveliness though […]

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Sara Builes

Somebody wise once said that ‘we may never truly understand black holes, or why women fall madly in love with a-holes.’ However, I won’t personally judge Sara Builes and her boyfriend, who was recently caught by Colombian authorities for being a drug kingpin. This beautiful […]

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Paola Canas

Surprise, surprise, another Colombian is sending her good looks to inspire us. Paola CaƱas has a degree in Fashion Design and that certainly suits her well. She may be married now but she keeps a perfectly-trimmed figure, thanks to daily trips at the gym.

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Camila Davalos

It’s a terrible oversight but we haven’t seen any Davalos twin in our quarters. We’ll rectify that with Camila right here. One half of the Davalos twins indulges our Latina cravings once more. You can see the other half, Mariana, here and if you can […]

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