Rita Suvorova

Calendars, catalogs and creative shoots - you name it, Rita Suvorova has probably done it. A prolific model, it’s a wonder why we haven’t heard of this muse from Moscow. Then again, the country is filled with beautiful models that the occasional slippage would be […]

Amalia Fursa

Russia gives us another force to be reckoned with in the person of Amalia Fursa. Very little has been written about this model, but her photos speak volumes. From what I’ve deduced through her bountiful galleries, Amalia is a fashion model who can rock the […]

Olga Lopaeva

Russia will surely be in the news for the next couple of months or so, thanks to beauties converging in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant. Another beauty who calls the capital city home is Olga Lopaeva. She’s apparently a fashion model but we have […]

Tatiana Likhina

Those who closed their doors for Tatiana Likhina must be some kind of colossal idiots. I mean, if you’re a modeling agency and you turn down the services of a bona fide model, just because she doesn’t have the pro portfolio, then something must be […]

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Valentina Kolesnikova

Somebody who’s looking to jumpstart your heartbeats to AK-47 levels of action is Valentina Kolesnikova. Miss Maxim Russia of 2010 is not all face and body. She’s actually one of the smarter models we’ve featured, with a degree in journalism. Playboy recently had the pleasure […]

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Anna Semenovich

Keep your snickering to a minimum as you enjoy our next babe. Anna Semenovich may have an unfortunate last name (at least by Western standards) but her look is no laughing matter. She was a former ice dancer and competitive figure skater before injury cut […]

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Irina Nikolaeva

Not to be confused with another Irina Nikolaeva is this fashion model with the same, uncommon name. That’s uncommon for the rest of the world but for Russians, it could be the norm. The other Irina is a figure skater - this one just has […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Emilia Vishnevskaya

Christmas day of 1985 in the former Soviet Union just got merrier with the birth of Emilia Vishnevskaya. The beautiful model turned out to be a talented babe as well, having finished a degree in arts from a university in Moscow. Emilia believes that the […]

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