Jenna Jenovich

History has sometimes been kind to the city of Belgrade, but there are times when fate was a little too cruel to it. This time though, the city is kind enough to show us one of her daughters in the person of Jenna Jenovich. She’s […]

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Rita Suvorova

Calendars, catalogs and creative shoots – you name it, Rita Suvorova has probably done it. A prolific model, it’s a wonder why we haven’t heard of this muse from Moscow. Then again, the country is filled with beautiful models that the occasional slippage would be […]

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Vika Podverbnaya

Happiness is not a destination but a state of mind. At least that’s what I gather from Vika Podverbnaya and her extensive, self-actualization post. It’s a solid point really, when you think about it. Vika sheds some light into our infinite quest for happiness that […]

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Simona Ehmann

Originally from Germany but working and living in London now, Simona Ehmann is one name we should all remember. While we haven’t seen a lot of her work, we can clearly see that she’s offering something special. That incredibly beautiful face combined with a towering […]

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Doutzen Kroes

You’d think that French fries are the last thing on a models mind when chow time comes. But Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes is different from other models. She loves her fries and she’s not afraid to admit it. Hard to believe but it’s true […]

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Laura Tobon

You can be chowing down leftover pizza from yesterday but when you’re consuming it with Laura Tobon, then everything becomes gourmet. To be fair, pizza is good eating no matter what, except of course when it’s spoiled. But anything shared with this Colombian hottie is […]

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Genevieve Morton

Add some flavor to your otherwise mundane week with a little bit of Genevieve Morton. We’re no strangers to this beauty and it’s always a pleasure to host this superbly sexy South African right here. Her latest work for brands like Pom Pom, Parisa Lingerie […]

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Sunny Leone

Those who have been living under a rock for the past decade or so wouldn’t guess what Sunny Leone did before she became this beautiful model and Bollywood babe. While her previous work might be a bit more exciting, it’s most definitely not-safe-for-work so we […]

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Gabriela Isler

Guess it’s fair to say the Venezuela owns the Miss Universe pageant. The country has won seven times in the said event, including this year’s queen, Maria Gabriela Isler. You really have to wonder what’s in the water over there because the country has sent […]

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Emily Scott

Still making our heads spin every time she appears for a gallery is the gorgeous Australian DJ Emily Scott. We’re no stranger to her beauty and it’s her third appearance in our ports. She’s the latest cover girl for FHM Turkey and it couldn’t come […]

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