Marina Petlay

Goldy Rise, that’s the name you should be looking out for if you’re looking for the prettiest and sexiest DJ. That’s the stage name for the extremely beautiful Marina Petlay. When she’s not spinning, she’s busy burning up the lenses of photographers everywhere as a […]

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Gabriela Rabelo

Nearly half a decade of absence here in Plunder Guide but it seems like Gabriela Rabelo hasn’t skipped a beat. The reason for that prolonged hiatus isn’t really clear to us. We’re just glad that she’s back. And she’s brought the appropriate level of sexiness […]

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Nadya Loren

When Nadya Loren hits the big time, remember that this is one of the first places that you’ve seen her first. The Israeli model looks the part of a supermodel and we can categorically say that she’s on her way to superstardom. You can just […]

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Adriana Lima

A lot of things can happen in five minutes, let alone over 12 months. What I’m talking about is the time elapsed between Adriana Lima posts. We haven’t paid attention to her goings on in various aspects of her life but we’re making amends now. […]

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Irina Shayk

Hard to believe but it was Vogue EspaƱa that gave Irina Shayk her first cover shoot for the legendary magazine. We thought all the while that she must have an awesome collection of covers for Vogue already but that’s not the case. Let’s just hope […]

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Ewelina Olczak

Third time’s a charm for one of our favorite Polish models of all time. Ewelina Olczak has visited us for several times now and each visit just gets better. Her latest work for Etna Poland is just dazzling. Then again, we shouldn’t be too surprised, […]

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Angela Martini

It’s been a while since we’ve been visited by this fabulous angel from Albania. Angela Martini represented her nation at one point at the Miss Universe pageant and she opened the year 2010 for us in style. She’s back now and she’s brought her sexiness […]

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Ali Rose

Every lad born before the birth of very fast Internet access would be very familiar with ads of x-ray glasses being sold on the back pages of comic books and some magazines. Those who were gullible enough fell for the thing with disastrous results. Somebody […]

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Carol Magalhaes

A firm believer in the importance of your actions outside of the gym is the incredibly sexy Carol Magalhaes. While its true that most people could punish themselves to the point of exhaustion within the weight room, some people would be easily tempted by the […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Like a fountain that never runs out of water, Brazil never ever fails to amaze us. We could go on and on about their ladies like Isabeli Fontana here and we’ll never go dry. As of this writing, October 22, there are 70 days left […]

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