Fernanda Liz

Brazil may have tied their match with Mexico, but the squad’s still looking good for the World Cup. They have a win already and they have babes like Fernanda Liz. With babes like her, you can bet that the entire crowd seeing the match would […]

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Mari Silvestre

You would think that all photo shoots, especially ones when models like Mari Silvestre are involved, would be operating like clockwork. Nothing could be further from the truth because it’s all calculated chaos. During her shoot with Paparazzo, Mari almost fell from her chair, thereby […]

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Juliana Mueller

Ending the week with a bang is always a good idea, and helping us accomplish that is Juliana Mueller. The Brazilian model’s work for Chicaboom swimwear is nothing short of bombastic. Unfortunately, the agencies that acquired Juliana’s services seemed to have been missing out on […]

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Carol Vasconcelos

No need for lucky charms, crystals or any of those items for curing all your ills. Just gaze upon the eyes of Carol Vasconcelos and watch the weekend blues away. Plus, it’s Memorial Day so it’s time to relax and catch up on some much-needed […]

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Paloma Bernardi

Anybody following women’s volleyball in the London Olympics? Then you must have seen that incredible save from the Brazilian Libero in their match against South Korea. Speaking of Brazilians, here’s another one for inspiration. Paloma Bernardi, however, isn’t playing volleyball, but is an accomplished actress, […]

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Simone Villas Boas

The clamor for the return of Simone Villas Boas in the limelight is going strong. She may not be in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or any similar events, but that’s no reason to think lowly of her. The latest gallery featuring Simone in constricting […]

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Daniela Freitas

She may not have ballooned into the supernova that some people we’re expecting her to be, but she’s a star no less in our books. Daniela Freitas has that face whose beauty is just impossible to describe. Match that with a rocking body (albeit surgically […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Babi Rossi

One thing that a man overlooks when he’s with a woman is the kiss. You may be worried about your performance, among other things, but if you’re a terrible kisser, then you can rest assured that you could suck at pretty much everything else. Barbara […]

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